The Business Intelligence Group announced the winners of the inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. This business awards program aims to honor certain companies, products, and individuals who use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve real-world problems.

Chief Nominations Officer for Business Intelligence Group, Maria Jimenez, believes the Artificial Intelligence is already upgrading nearly every aspect of our lives and culture before the pandemic. She believes that as businesses develop new systems, introduce new services, or deploy the AI of strategic vendors, they will become increasingly dependent on AI. Jimenez also discussed how impressed they are with the program’s winners this year.

The recipients of the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards are:-

Corporate Winners:

  • Alva for Natural language processing
  • Ambiq for Intelligent control
  • BirdEye for Machine learning
  • Bright Machines for Robotics
  • Cherre for Natural language processing
  • Digitate for Automation
  • Dynam.AI for Computer vision
  • for Natural language processing
  • Informatica for Automation
  • Lilt for Natural language processing
  • Mailchimp for Automation
  • Marchex for Automation
  • ModalAI, Inc. for Robotics
  • Outlier ai for Pattern recognition
  • Pactum for Machine learning
  • Phenom for Machine learning
  • PROS for Machine learning
  • ringDNA for Expert system
  • Sogou for Virtual Intelligence
  • The standard for Computer vision
  • TOC Biometrics for Pattern recognition
  • Turing Video for Computer vision
  • UneeQ for Virtual Intelligence
  • Windward for Hybrid intelligent system

Product Winners: 

  • Adapt2 Solutions for Hybrid intelligent system
  • Admazes Limited for Machine Learning
  • Aspen Technology, Inc. for Aspen AIoT Hub™ 
  • Astute Email Virtual Assistant (EVA) for Automation
  • Capgemini U2Mine for Machine learning
  • Claro Enterprise Solutions’ Hospital Asset Management for Computer vision
  • Concentric Risk Distance analysis technology for Natural language processing
  • CRIS by Delvinia for Intelligent agent
  • Evolv Technology for Evolv Express®  (Automatic target recognition)
  • Experian AI-powered Customer Assist for Intelligent agent
  • Flyreel for Computer Automation
  • F-Secure Project Blackfin for Intelligent agent
  • goMoxie SEE for Machine learning
  • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for Automation
  • ITC Infotech Intelligent Retail Execution for Automated planning and scheduling
  • Kustomer for Automation
  • Mailchimp Creative Assistant for Artificial creativity
  • Maxim Integrated MAX78000 Neural Network Accelerator Chip for Computer vision
  • Natera for Machine learning
  • NIO for Automation
  • OpenCloudCX for Machine learning
  • Oticon More for Pattern recognition
  • Payrailz for Automated planning and scheduling
  • Promethium Data Navigation System™  for Automated reasoning
  • Realeyes PreView for Computer vision
  • RTB House for Automated reasoning
  • Saggezza for Automated planning and scheduling
  • Samsara AI Safety Solution for Computer vision
  • Sana Labs for Knowledge management
  • Sense Labs for Machine learning
  • SHERPA.AI for Machine learning
  • Standard Chartered Bank for Natural language processing
  • TCS Optumera™ AI-Powered Strategic Intelligence Suite for Strategic planning
  • TCS Optunique™ AI-Personalization for Machine learning
  • TD Bank AI-powered digital experiences for Intelligent agent
  • UBTECH ADIBOT for Robotics
  • Velocity® for Natural Language Processing
  • Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Natural language processing
  • Veritone Energy Solutions for Expert system
  • Wolters Kluwer for Expere Language Translation
  • Zonar Coach for Pattern recognition

Individual Award Recipients:

About Business Intelligence Group 

The Business Intelligence Group’s goal is to recognize true talent and outstanding success in the business world. But unlike industry award programs, these programmes are judged by experienced and knowledgeable company executives. The organization’s proprietary and exclusive scoring system evaluates success across various market domains and recognizes and rewards organizations that outperform their peers.

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