Mind the Graph is an infographic tool for medical doctors, students, and scientists that helps Life Science Researchers save countless hours of work by creating scientific posters with just a few clicks. Any published essay or conference abstract can be transformed into a professional-looking academic poster using Mind the Graph’s vast library of scientifically accurate drawings and a powerful artificial intelligence summarizer platform with just five clicks.

In a world where over 3,000 new scientific articles are published each day, the AI-powered Poster Maker assists writers in communicating effectively and stand out. Infographics promote scientific knowledge propagation by making scientific content faster and easier to comprehend. This is in line with the trend of scientific vehicles such as BMJ Posters, F1000 Posters, ScienceOpen, JoVe, and ResearchGate that encourage visual content to attract an audience to science. Graphical design that is well-crafted promotes science comprehension while allowing scientific content to be shared outside of academic circles. Authors, universities and Life Science research-based businesses are invited to try the service for free.

About Mind the Graph

Mind the Graph is an EdTech that utilizes infographics to simplify and create visually appealing scientific data. It was established by a Life Science Researcher and a Graphic Designer working together. The business aims to develop products that empower scientists by encouraging visually appealing, expert infographics with pre-assembled, scientifically correct illustrations that can be found on an online platform. Their motto is “We turn scientists into designers.” The Mind the Graph products are currently available online and are sold on a subscription basis (i.e., SAAS), with approximately 500K users worldwide. The firm also offers design solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare firms, assisting in the deeper understanding and implementing health products. The company’s founder is also a pharmacology researcher who co-founded this technology venture with a designer six years ago, eventually becoming the top manufacturer in scientific communication infographics.

For more information, visit https://mindthegraph.com

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