At the SNEC Expo, Sunport Power, a renowned Chinese PV module producer, unveiled three new MWT products: the C10 panel, which has greater efficiency and lower voltage. The C10-Pro board, which has HJT+MWT technology, and the M series of MWT bifacial panels.

This framework relies on Sunport Power’s MWT technology, which is unique in the industry. Cells on the panel can be connected without regard to numbers, distance, or direction using a conductive foil back sheet. Sunport Power uses a unique triple parallel connection arrangement to support half-cut M6 (166mm) wafers while lowering the panel working voltage substantially. The C10 panel’s maximum power output is 660 W, with a conversion efficiency of 21.5%, making it the best 166 modules on the market in terms of power production.

Dr Lu Zhonglin, Vice President of Sunport Power, noted that the C10 panel’s enhanced electrical parameters balance voltage and current, making it suitable for utility ground PV plants. It results in lower BOS costs and higher ROI thanks to its super high output and dependability.

Dr Lu went on to say that the M series bifacial module has a lot of potential for incorporating other technologies, such as bigger wafers, HJT, and so on, to deliver more value to users.

Sunport Power introduces its most important PV panel product, the C10-Pro panel, which combines MWT and HJT technologies and achieves new highs in PV panel performance.

According to Dr Fengming Zhang, founder and president of Sunport Power, the launching of these new products displayed their strength and dedication to technological advancement. It demonstrated the potential of high-efficiency back contact MWT technology.

About Sunport Power

Jiangsu Sunport Power Corp., Ltd. was established in China in 2012 and is committed to R&D and manufacturing solar cells and modules based on advanced MWT (Metal Wrap Through) back contact technology. The organisation is proud to manufacturing high-efficiency PV cells and modules and providing professional products, services, and solutions to customers.

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