InfoSystems, a Chattanooga-based IT solutions company, provides existing and new customers hybrid solutions for third-party maintenance.

Keeping up with the current technology can be difficult as equipment ages while remaining functional and secure for businesses. Maintenance by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can be expensive and limited. Client support for many large manufacturers’ systems is eventually phased out. Third-party maintenance is a great way to keep costs down between massive system upgrades and fulfill rising capacity demands.

InfoSystems uses a hybrid approach to system upkeep, advising clients on the most strategic decisions for continuous maintenance requirements. This involves using OEM and third-party maintenance as needed to get the most out of existing IT resources.

As a hybrid maintenance service provider, Chris Gilbert, Vice President of Commercial Sales at InfoSystems, stated that InfoSystems is configured to provide cost-effective maintenance solutions for almost any system available irrespective of its age. He further added that they are orientated on the company’s bottom line and network effectiveness. Their solutions serve the needs — and expenditures — of all entrepreneurs and CTOs, from medium to big businesses.

According to Ken Peck, CEO of Smart 3rd Party, the environment for third-party repairs is favorable. Peck explains that IT infrastructure costs are under intense pressure and usually have to be decreased.  Many IT assets have usability far beyond what manufacturing companies will endorse or allow.

InfoSystems collaborates with Atlanta-based Smart 3rd Party to provide certain cost-effective and efficient IT maintenance services.  InfoSystems engineers help business owners stay up-to-date and pertinent while lowering network equipment maintenance expenses by providing these valuable services to the clients.


InfoSystems has provided dependable IT alternatives to create and manage stable and resilient systems for SMB and enterprise organizations for over 25 years. Our reliable panel of experts, based in Tennessee, specializes in traditional infrastructure, IT optimization, and cybersecurity services, as well as next-generation solutions like hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence.

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