Tobii Dynavox, the top-tier pioneer in assistive innovation for communication, recently developed the world’s most prominent platform for people with disabilities to make the social media platforms more accessible. Now, social media and streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify can be much easy to surf and watch with eye-tracking.

Tobii Dynavox, along with d-bur, a company specializing within the improvement of assistive innovations, has made a few of the world’s most well-known apps simpler for the accessibility and utilization with eye follow, touch, or switches. The software allows people with physical disabilities, such as cerebral paralysis and ALS, to enjoy and access social media, streaming, and communication apps. 

The entire suite involves Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, WhatsApp, Android Messages. MSN & Google Calendar. Applications are right now available on new communication devices- the I-13 & I-16 of Tobii Dynavox, along with the software Communicator 5. The applications can be smoothly accessed and controlled with eye-tracking, touch, and switches. 

CEO of Tobii Dynavox, Fredrik Ruben, has said that till date accessing modern applications and websites had been a challenge for the individuals using eye-tracking. With the launch of this new suite of applications, the Company has created an innovative path for the software Communicator 5, so that the applications can bridge the social media platforms and entertaining apps easily. Collaborating with d-bur, Tobii Dynavox will continue to create even more apps accessible for the disabled communities of users. 

The recent effect of COVID-19 has massively impacted the way we used to interact with one another, and individuals with disabilities who are often undergoing medical treatments, and highly requires more precautions in the current situation. Release of the accessible applications by Tobii Dynavox has revolutionized the medium of communications for the people with conditions like ALS, and cerebral palsy to stay connected with the society and their loved ones effortlessly.  

About Tobii Dynavox

Founded in 1983, Tobii Dynavox, a leading global provider of innovative software enabling eye-tracking and touch-based augmented and alternative communication (AAC) and symbol-based software for the individual with special requirements. The Company’s objective is to create a real difference in society by developing solutions for people by providing the right path to communicate to turn them independent. 

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