On December 16, IoT Marketing and Industry Insights Webinars held the 2nd Annual Industry Insights IoT Awards to honour the businesses and leaders driving the IoT world forward. The Industry Insights IoT Awards, recognize technology ecosystem experts, connected solutions providers, and high-tech leaders who are developing new technologies and digital transformation via IoT. It was co-hosted by BH IoT Group Partner Steve Brumer, and IoT Marketing CMO and Host of Industry Insights Webinars Tiffani Neilson.

The winners declared by the award show are:

Thales for Best IoT Security Solution

Energy Cloud for Greenest IoT Solution

OQ Technology for Space Tech Solution of the Year

CallPass for IoT Product of the Year

Hitachi Vantara for Top Tech for Good Solution

Ready Wireless for Best Asset Tracking Solution

Bill Pugh for Digital Transformation Innovator of the Year

Joseph Perez for Thought Leader of the Year

Dploy Solutions by TBM Consulting for IoT Systems Integrator of the Year

Steve Brumer for IoT Executive of the Year

The winners of this year’s Industry Insights IoT Awards exemplify excellence and leadership in the IoT space, laying the groundwork for digitalization across a wide range of industries, according to show host Tiffani Neilson.

They are honored to recognize the accomplishments of these businesses and leaders who are propelling the IoT industry forward in the face of disruption and adversity, she added.

The Industry Insights Webinars series gathers thought leaders, professionals, and industry leaders for a discussion panel with Q&A. After about a year and a half since its inception, the series has already averaged between 1,200 and 2,500 live attendees across various platforms.

About Industry Insights Webinars

IoT Marketing and Industry Insights Webinars is a virtual community of thought leaders, business professionals, industry experts, and solution providers who use webinars to share their knowledge and expertise about the Internet of Things. The monthly series informs those in need of connected solutions and connects them with relevant data and recommendations from IoT and technology ecosystem associates.

For more information, please visit https://iotmktg.com/webinars/

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