The TransMedia Group will initiate a PR campaign to demonstrate why no one knows safety as much as SISCO CORP. With the reopening of healthcare facilities, schools and companies across the world, their wide range of security items could not be better. TransMedia will prove how SISCO is engaged in developing leading-edge credential solutions that comply with the new legislation and monitor the general public. 

TransMedia Group CEO Adrienne Mazzone said that, Publicity would stress that SISCO leaders have never been welcomed and appreciated in identity management solutions during the COVID-19 crisis. SISCO, with its stunning A-Pass ® system, has long been the leading security provider in the cruise industry. Smart security and tracking from SISCO plays a vital role in reopening enterprises and returning to work.

A range of features and benefits are present in SISCO Identity Management Solutions tailored to the specific safety needs of the customers and industries of each sector. SISCO has achieved considerable recognition and position in the security industry and has managed strategic relations with many industry leaders successfully. The flagship SISCO product A-PASS ® has been the standard on identity management solutions in the marine industry for over 25 years. After having acquired significant maritime credentials, FAST-PASS discussed the need for additional protection for businesses to enhance the monitoring and tracking of visitors and employees. In hospitals, schools, airports, commercial properties and government building throughout the country, SISCO visitor management systems are used. TransMedia will build incentives for magazines, media interviews and social media engagement that will portray SISCO as a growing firm of unmatched goods. 

Anthony Zagami, CEO of SISCO, said that they are delighted to see TransMedia shed light on the new Identity Management Solutions. In response to the latest pandemic, a Group of the CDC has developed a range of strategies to avoid COVID-19 spread on the workplace. TransMedia should underline their main objective that has always been to enable individuals and companies in our products to feel safe.

TransMedia CEO Tom Madden said they could no longer be happier to represent a business that has the leading edge of protection and monitoring products at a time when it is critical to stay secure. 

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