Trybe, a platform hoping to shape the future of business in social media by providing people with a safe-haven to build community, create and get rewarded for it, launches. This brand-new platform gives both the content creators and everyday users the opportunity to earn money with peer-to-peer awarding. With unique audio options such as mid to long-form clips and commenting, Trybe features earning points based on positive engagement that can be utilized to maximize content exposure on the platform.   

This new platform’s stand-out attribute is that one doesn’t have to be a content creator or influencer with a large social media following to register and make money on Trybe. Showing positive and constructive behavior in the community can help one earn points. A feature like this creates a dividend for the time spent on Trybe, a flow of assured income nobody had seen before. This makes it a particularly desirable platform for people hoping to form a healthy community for friends and strangers and make a positive impact.  

This is also a platform for creators to make money off. Gone are those days when individuals had to approach brands for deals and money. Here, you can choose to be yourself, connect with your fans, and get rewarded in return. Trybe, unlike other platforms, lets content creators earn points and gain exposure on the platform through their positive contribution (such as commenting, awarding, etc.) to the community. 

While talking about their platform, Thomas Jankowski, CEO at Trybe, stated that the old way of running social media business, depending on advertising, exploiting people’s creativity, is finally getting over with this new launch. This new age of social media is nothing like its predecessors; it is all about rewarding one another, Jankowski elaborated. 

He further added that their core business model focuses on shaping the future by empowering people to form their community in one place to reward each other, be creative, and have fun. Thomas and his team firmly believe that nobody should feel bad for trying to have fun, and with Trybe, they are taking a stand towards removing the negative stigma attached to using social media apps.

To get early access, join the waitlist by downloading the iOS or Android app, or visit

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