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Two customers have issued pre-orders for Inspire Semiconductor’s (InspireSemiTM) Gen2 compute accelerator solution for blockchain, HPC (High-Performance Computing), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) workloads, which is scheduled to ship in Q4 of this year.

EdgeMode, a Chicago-based cryptocurrency and high-performance computing company, has revealed a long-term partnership and pre-order for InspireSemi’s flexible, high-performance, energy-efficient Gen2 accelerator. The InspireSemi solution fits in well with their business strategy, which includes mining cryptocurrency as well as providing HPC solutions.

CryptoCore Intellectual Holdings, based in Austin, TX, has also revealed a supply collaboration and pre-order with InspireSemi. CryptoCore has been effectively mining some cryptocurrencies with the InspireSemi Gen1 system and has now secured availability for the Gen2 accelerator solution.

InspireSemi Vice President of Business Development, Doug Norton, stated that CryptoCore has been an excellent business partner, starting with their seed funding and now this recent agreement and pre-order to secure product, and these customer agreements are concrete indicators of the customer affirmation and growing interest they have been getting in their interactions with leading customers and server OEMs. He further remarked that Working with the EdgeMode team has also been a pleasure, as they easily recognized the integration of their approach with their business objectives, and they look forward to a solid and fruitful partnership with these excellent businesses.

The InspireSemi device outperforms a modern datacenter GPU in terms of raw computing capacity, versatility, and agility. With low latency and high bandwidth, the advanced network fabric enables better cooperation between cores. InspireSemi’s origins in power and cost-sensitive blockchain computing allow it to deliver this output more efficiently than competitors.

EdgeMode founder and CEO Charlie Faulkner commented that they are approaching an interesting development phase with growing demands and income. Hence, they were thrilled to learn about InspireSemi and their disruptive next-generation compute accelerator solution. Their dynamic, high-performance, and energy-efficient solution is a great fit for their business model, and they also value their US supply chain and excellent team.

About InspireSemi

InspireSemi is committed to providing superior solutions for blockchain, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and other compute-intensive applications. We are currently designing our second-generation accelerator chip solution, led by an experienced team with an established track record. It features a flexible many-core processor architecture with an existing software ecosystem and sets new standards of performance and energy efficiency. 

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About EdgeMode Inc.

With offices in Chicago and London, the fast-growing infrastructure provider is led by a multinational team of seasoned tech entrepreneurs. Jesse Proudman, Matthew Dellavedova, and Fred Hsu are among the angel and tech investors who have put money into the business. EdgeMode’s novel approach to utilizing low-cost power, high-efficiency liquid cooling, scalable data centers, and multiple fiber optic providers allows for optimized cryptocurrency mining, video transcoding and rendering, A.I./ML processing, and other High-Performance Computing applications.

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