Atlas Renewable Energy, a global pioneer in renewable energy, and Unipar, a South American leader in chlorine, chlorides, and PVC, announced a large-scale solar energy power purchase agreement (PPA) in Brazil. Atlas Renewable Energy’s Lar do Sol – Casablanca II photovoltaic facility in Pirapora will provide a clean solar energy supply.

The Lar do Sol – Casablanca II Solar Plant would cover 700 hectares and have a 239MWp installed capacity with 460,000 solar panels. The plant will use bi-facial module technology, which uses the reflection of the sun’s rays from both front and rear sides to improve photoelectric conversion efficiency and the plant’s overall output. The project is projected to provide enough energy to power Unipar’s two Brazilian facilities.

According to the typical consumption of a Brazilian family, the annual energy produced by Lar do Sol Casablanca II will be enough to power roughly 261,662 households. Furthermore, the plant will save around 40,500 metric tonnes of CO2 per year.

This estimate is based on the GHG (Greenhouse Gases) Protocol, which the World Resources Institute produced and is based on the IPCC’s methods (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This reduction in CO2 emissions is the equivalent of eliminating 16,200 vehicles from Sao Paulo’s streets.

According to Luis Pita, General Manager of Atlas Renewable Energy for Brazil, the adoption of renewables is becoming a staple of good corporate responsibility. Atlas offers a unique opportunity for large energy consumers to clean their energy matrix while also sponsoring the social and environmental programs they develop to uplift the communities they operate.

Unipar’s CEO, Mauricio Russomanno, believes the agreement demonstrates the company’s commitment to the country’s future as well as the company’s long-term viability. According to Russomanno, this is another step toward more sustainable solutions, enhancing the company’s efforts to search for energy matrices from renewable sources, ensuring access to the critical input for our operations, and boosting competitiveness through self-production.

The building of the Lar do Sol – Casablanca II Solar Plant will employ around 1,200 people at its height as part of Atlas Renewable Energy’s commitment to the communities in which it operates. The corporation will also implement several environmental and social initiatives, including the “we are all part of the same energy” program for female employees.

About Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy is a long-term renewable energy generation company that develops, builds, and operates projects. The company’s current portfolio includes 2.35 GW of contracted projects in various development, construction, or operation phases, with plans to add another 5 GW in the coming years.

Atlas Renewable Energy was established in 2017 by an experienced team with the longest track record in the Latin American solar energy business. The organization is known for its excellent standards in large-scale project conception, construction, and operation.

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About Unipar

Unipar is the market leader in South America for chlorine, chlorides, and PVC, a raw material used in all industries and traded on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. Unipar is committed to quality, safety, environmental stewardship, and community inclusion. It has over 1,400 workers working in its offices and industrial operations in Cubato and Santo André, Brazil, and Baha Blanca, Argentina.

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