United Way of Frederick County is launching the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Campaign in collaboration with a number of distinguished partners of the philanthropic funding community. It will support the non-profit partners who directly help those who are in an adverse situation due to COVID-19.

The target of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Campaign is to raise a considerable sum of money to support severely affected individuals and families. The initial plan for the Emergency Relief Campaign is $100,000, but it’s anticipated that community needs will exceed this sum. Thus the campaign will continue until the COVID-19 crisis has pacified.

The economic stress from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing an elemental hardship for many Frederick County families. Most of the vulnerable community members are those that struggle to pay for basic household necessities in normal conditions, are the biggest sufferers.

Ken Oldham, CEO of the United Way of Frederick County, said, “This situation is different than other emergencies we’ve experienced. Today, we’re asking you to stay home whenever possible, care for yourself and your family, and to contribute to our community during this pandemic.”

The funding community is ensuring maximum impact by distributing the money appropriately among the community. They are focusing on financial stability assistance, emergency shelter, prescriptions, and medical supplies, transportation needs,  food, and food supplies for seniors, along with different mental health services.

United Way of Frederick County will waive the processing fees, and all the campaign funding will go to those who are in dire need of it. There are a number of collaborative partners in the philanthropic funding community, such as Ausherman Family Foundation, Delaplaine Foundation, Inc., Community Foundation of Frederick County, the Women’s Giving Circle, Helen J. Serini Foundation, and others.

About United Way of Frederick County

United Way of Frederick County has been working tirelessly to achieve lasting change for over 80 years now. It is working to improve families in Frederick County to strengthen their financial stability, education, and health. The work focuses on helping children and youth to be successful and achieve their potential through education. It is helping people with workable tools to become financially stable and independent.

United Way of Frederick County partners with global, national, and local businesses, along with the nonprofits, government, civic organizations, educators, health providers, senior citizens, students, and others to join hands for helping those are in need. The organization provides grants to local nonprofits, offers programs such as free tax preparation and matched savings, mobilizes volunteers, and engages in public policy advocacy.

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