The Universal Protocol, a coalition of foremost blockchain organizations including Bittrex Global, Uphold, Ledger, and Certik, on November 17th, 2020, announced the onboarding of Infinigold as its member. Infinigold, the issuer of the world’s first government-supported gold token on a public blockchain on a public blockchain, has joined the Alliance as a full member, along with Silicon Valley Investment Firms Fifth Era and Hard Yaka.

A significant new member of the UP Alliance, Infinigold lets investors purchase, sell, hold physical gold stored in digital form at the Perth Mint, the biggest refiner of new gold in the world.  The company strives to democratize gold investing by disabling conventional drawbacks, virtually. Its digital GoldPass Certificates guarantee physical, government-backed gold and offer zero custody costs as well as digital portability.

While talking about the new development, Jon Deane, CEO at Infinigold, stated that they are excited to join the UP Alliance and support its mission of helping blockchain technology attain mainstream adoption. Deane elaborated that the industry needs such technology to ensure trust and transparency, and the platform the Alliance has developed should help drive adoption and utility.

Another significant new Universal Protocol Alliance member is Hard Yaka, a firm backed by the Silicon Valley investor, Greg Kidd, the initial advisor and investor at Twitter and Square. Kidd has so far invested in over 100 financial technology enterprises.

Additionally, the Universal Protocol Alliance is announcing the appointment of Matthew Le Merle as the new Chairman. Merle is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Era, Keiretsu Capital, and the world’s foremost decentralized-ledger venture fund of funds – Blockchain Coinvestors. Being an industry veteran in corporate growth, innovation, and business transformations, he has advised some significant companies, such as Amazon, eBay, Google, and many more.

According to Merle, now is when the promise of blockchain technology is finally materializing into significant institutional adoption. He says that he is ecstatic to join the UP Alliance as Chairman, especially during this exciting time when there is an ever-increasing realization of blockchain technology’s massive potential.

The UP Alliance is all set to introduce two new ground-breaking tokens on December 1st, 2020. The Alliance will also address some of the biggest challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry in today’s world and discuss the planet’s future. Stay tuned here:

About the Universal Protocol Alliance

Founded in 2018, the UP Alliance is an alliance of like-minded cryptocurrency companies and blockchain pioneers. Their technology, the Universal Protocol Platform, is a transformational development for the whole blockchain industry, letting new types of digital assets to be developed and every cryptocurrency to be convertible on a sole network.

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