Unum Health Inc., a software firm situated in New Brunswick, Canada, is looking to raise funding through NetCapital by October 11, 2021, to expand its home-care platform to the United States. The target amount is $107,000. 

Unum’s software, which has been available in Canada since 2019, digitizes and streamlines home care services by giving caregivers and agencies a hand-held, simple-to-use tool for checking off and logging daily activities via their phone or tablet.

With a growing home care agency, constantly fixing schedules, and not having enough information about the home care visits for their customers, Lisa Williams, founder, and CEO of Unum Health Inc., knew there had to be an optimal way to operate for herself and her team. Hence they created the perfect solution for this problem.

Unum Health’s software gives home care providers, carers, and the people they look after an all-in-one solution that’s right at their fingertips. It has two user interfaces: one for the agency and one for the employees. 

It assists the agency with new client onboarding, daily visit scheduling, and billing and invoicing. Caregivers can see who they are caring for even before the visit begins and the client’s whole profile of information, which is not available in a paper-based system.

The purpose of Unum Health is to adapt its technology to fit the needs of the American market. With an aging population, the demand for simplified frontline care is increasing. Lisa stated that in the United States, roughly 39.8 million carers, or 16.6% of the people, provide care to persons (aged 18+) with a disability or sickness.

About Unum Health Inc.

Unum Health Inc. is a software start-up that specializes in digital solutions for the home care business. UNUM Health is based in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, and has been in business since 2017.

For more information on Unum Health Inc., visit https://unumhealth.com/

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