UST, a Digital solutions company, has announced the acquisition of Accrete Hitech Solutions, a consulting and outsourcing firm that offers information technology and engineering services emphasizing hi-tech, semiconductor, and networking. UST has a strong presence in the product engineering market, and this purchase, according to the company, will bring size and depth to its digital product engineering portfolio.

UST’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Information Officer, Sunil Kanchi, stated that, they at UST are laser-focused on extending and improving their deep digital product engineering capabilities. The acquisition of Accrete Hitech Solutions will help them to get there. They will collaborate to develop world-class solutions that enable enterprises to streamline their operations.

Accrete Hitech Solutions is based in Santa Clara, California, and has offices across India, including New Delhi, Gurugram, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Singapore. 

With the acquisition, the company will provide a wider range of IT and product engineering solutions and services. Gilroy Matthew, VP and head of semiconductor at UST, said that, Accrete’s highly experienced team of engineers and technicians has a wide variety of technology and engineering talents that will complement UST’s existing global competence. These two companies will work together to accelerate the digital-first journey of organizations worldwide.

Sanjay Minocha, CEO and Managing Director of Accrete Hitech Solutions, said that, Through their IT and engineering talents, they have been able to assist businesses in gaining value from digital transformation. They intend to create an even bigger impact under the UST umbrella in networking and semiconductor services and solutions.

About Accrete Hitech Solutions

Accrete Hitech Solutions Inc is a consulting and outsourcing firm that offers Hitech, Semiconductor, and Networking services, with a concentration on information technology and engineering.

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About UST

UST is a global provider of digital transformation solutions. For more than 20 years, it has collaborated with the world’s top firms to create a difference via transformation. UST collaborates with its clients from design to operation, powered by technology and guided by purpose. UST embeds innovation and agility within its clients’ companies through deep domain expertise and a future-proof mentality.

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