The company, UST Global, has announced the latest service, Return to Work Digital Solutions for Businesses. This new service offers the best practice in healthcare and critical business for companies to provide optimum protection and security for workers and allow consistency in the business during the crisis. COVID-19 has, and will be especially relevant for companies today, undisturbedly changed how society works. UST Global has built a flexible solution for businesses to take critical measures to bring workers back to the workplace and to encourage the health and safety of all while contributing to business continuity for the company. The strategy from UST Global helps businesses build a roadmap, enabling them to prioritize employee groups based on job requirements and threats and then monitor the workforce after return. The most important aspects of the UST Global Work Return Model are:

1. Evaluation of worker risks: Integration of the COVID-19 data, and data for their employees, will have an effect on their business, manage staff risks and call for immediate action.

2. Workplace surveillance: Validated IoT devices that track vital elements and warnings for continuous workplace surveillance and video analytics solutions ensure compliance with safety regulations.

3. Track Issues: An insightful dashboard that catalogs threats and discusses business requirements. Allows quick mitigation and visibility.

Niranjan Ramsunder, Chief Technology Officer, UST Global, said that, The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the way organizations to think about workplaces and cooperation to be seismically shifting. As long as they have been well-run and privacy-compatible, AI-based video analysis is transferred to mainstream proximity and security solutions and secure, remote working solutions are thus introduced.UST Global offers our customers these important strategies for the “future of life,” not only during the present struggle, but also for the planning and prosperity of the future.

Krishna Sudheendra, CEO of UST Global, said in his comments that, as they work for their new standard in the world, their primary objective is to ensure that their employees are returned safe and to continue business amid the crisis. UST Global supports other companies in maintaining their employees healthier and safer workplaces with digital “Return to Work” solutions. Such strategies are designed to make workers feel safe and to inspire employees to return to their workplaces by ensuring free spaces for infection.

About UST Global

UST Global is a business partner committed to the transformation of companies, societies and individuals. We offer future-oriented services, products and platforms for digital transformation in 25 countries to create new possibilities and to help you imagine what is next in the banking, financial, medical, retail, manufacturing, semiconductor, technology and media sectors.

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