In its virtual Summer Accelerate Launch, Vertafore unveiled new services in its plan to modernize the organization across four main areas: digital clients, agency management, accessibility and data analysis. Customer information from Vertafore shows that agents investing in these sectors are almost three times more likely to grow profitable income than the average in the industry. Vertafore unveiled a range of new tools, features and products to automate and simplify insurance to help thousands of independent insurance agencies modernize and expand their business. The new improvements are based on the ground-breaking Titan technology from Vertafore, which has enabled the company to provide 50% more features year on year.

Vertafore’s approach to modernizing the Agency helps independent works to build on an integrated strategy rather than just buying and deploying ad hoc software. With a holistic strategy, agencies can expect that their digital tools are not only seamlessly integrated and simplified the workflow but also deliver more competitive productivity, customer satisfaction and business gain. In the four key areas, Vertafore has revealed a host of new alternatives and improvements that most aid agencies are developing. 


InsurLink, one of its products, trains independent agents to provide an end-insured service with a branded, streamlined self-service platform. InsurLink has already gained recognition from the industry after arrival in March, and its latest features reflect the potential of Vertafore to produce goods and to upgrade more efficiently than ever before. Customer retention companies are up to 5 percentage points higher than those who do not use a customer engagement program.

A new InsurTech approach: Titan technology 

In addition to allowing Vertafore to deploy new products and functions quickly, Titan offers an open architecture for development and integration, which allows the integration of its solutions and tools. Built with bank security and data encryption, Titan has been designed to interface data and synchronize in real-time, enabling independent agencies to unlock and finally leverage their data, reduce redundancies, delight their clients and speed up the growth of an agency.

About Vertafore

Vertafore, the leading provider of modern insurance technology, has developed and supported superior Insurtech solutions for 50 years to connect every part of the distribution channel. Agency management, ratings, regulations, compliance, data and analytics, and connectivity products of Vertafore enhance the workflows, improve efficiency and boost productivity to over 20,000 agencies, over 1,000 carry-for-all and 23 state governments for more North American insurance professionals than any other service provider.

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