VYCEZ is a new social media platform launched, especially for creators who can earn revenue through their creative content. As the announcement came from VYCEZ, their website is officially active now for beta access. 

VYCEZ is a subscription-based app where the viewers or the members can follow the creators’ channel for free or against a specified subscription to get the exclusive content.  These contents can earn the creators’ 90% commissions from their viewers, well above the current market standard. So, a talented creator can run his or her own business from anywhere in the world.

Coming to the creators’ profile, one can get to see all those features essential to run a business, such as a Private channel containing photos, videos, live updates, and more; live streaming for shows; fan store for products and merch; upcoming activity calendar; instant chat options for reaching the fans; and last but not the least white label product branding opportunity’s. VYCEZ matches content creators with their products to enhance their user experience and monetize their content.

Amanda Fields, Marketing Director of VYCEZ, speaking of their new platform, appreciated its liberality. They are pleased to welcome all sorts of talents to their platform without restricting them to release any creative content they wish. Their dream is to help those talents to earn some revenue through their creativity. So, from cooking to modeling, from physical fitness to photography or dancing and more – the door is wide open for all types of creators out there. The only requirement is that the users should be 18 or above.


VYCEZ is a newly launched social- media platform. This subscription-based app is a new heaven for all sorts of creators who want to earn some revenue through their creative content. VYCEZ is already being touted as the “connoisseur for exclusive original content right at your fingertips.” 

For more information on VYCEZ, visit: https://www.vycez.com

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