Wanclouds, a renowned multi-cloud SaaS and managed service provider, recently announced that its VPC+ for AWS is now available in the AWS Marketplace. It is a digital catalog having hundreds of software listings from independent software vendors that make it simple to discover, assess, purchase, and implement software that operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This solution is intended to assist clients in navigating the new hybrid work environment and the converging cybersecurity and climate emergencies that are forcing businesses to reconsider their data backup frameworks. Companies can use VPC+ to facilitate multi-cloud migrations and monitor on-demand cloud backups and restore the required servers or clusters.

Before visualizing their virtual private clouds (VPCs) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) resources, enterprises can use VPC+ by Wanclouds, accessible on the AWS Marketplace to explore and monitor them, such as network functions, resource statuses, configurations, and security policies. AWS users can also backup and restore their production VPC blueprints, Amazon EKS deployments, as well as their comprehensive resource statuses, statistics, and relationships. Clients can also use AWS to backup and migrate their on-premises Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift instances.

Faiz Khan, CEO at Wanclouds, stated that they are enthusiastic to see VPC+ introduced to AWS Marketplace. He said that this is a milestone step forward for their corporation. They expand their mission to provide businesses of all sizes on AWS a quick and reliable multi-cloud migration and disaster recovery alternative that eradicates the requirement for dozens of complicated tools, complex scripting, and costly consulting engagements.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

  1. Back up your entire VPC resources and EKS clusters to your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.
  2. To protect against ransomware attacks, backups are saved as immutable objects.
  3. Restore or replicate infrastructure in the same or different regions on demand.
  4. Back up Red Hat OpenShift clusters to AWS, whether they’re on-premises or on edge.
  5. Restore Red Hat OpenShift clusters to on-premises, edge, or Amazon Web Services.

Migrations as a Service

  1. Find and migrate Kubernetes cluster and VPC resources from other clouds to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon EKS).
  2. Easily migrate your application between Kubernetes clusters.
  3. Migrate your on-premises applications to the cloud Amazon EKS to Red Hat OpenShift Clusters

Investigate, Track, and Visualize

  1. Discover and track all of your AWS resources.
  2. Make a visual representation of your infrastructure and resource relationships.
  3. Keep track of your spending across all of your accounts.
  4. Set up infrastructure compliance policies and receive alerts
  5. Standardize and apply best practices that are already in place. Amazon VPC infrastructure templates

About Wanclouds

Wanclouds is a pioneering multi-cloud SaaS, managed service, and solution provider. It enables businesses to deploy, migrate, and safeguard their cloud infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively. The company’s cloud Migration as a Service (MaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) services mitigate the financial investment and eliminate the technical complexities preventing or delaying companies from migrating on-premise to the cloud moving across clouds, or establishing backup and restore protection.

For more information, visit https://www.wanclouds.net/

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