Wemlo, a twenty-two-month-old fintech company delivering third-party mortgage loan processing services, has recently introduced ATHENA. ATHENA is a virtual assistant AI technology that is quickly becoming the logic and intelligence behind the Wemlo platform. 

The Virtual Assistant, ATHENA, was developed to optimize and advance loan processing. It does so by detecting discrepancies within the mortgage loan application, including document verification based on loan type to mitigate conditions. 

According to David Rogove, co-founder at Wemlo, ATHENA improves the mortgage loan originator and processor’s efficiency by recognizing potential issues within the 1003 mortgage application before sending it. Rogove elaborated that ATHENA does all of that by creating a systematic approach to ensure that the 1003 is full and a suitable file is developed. 

While discussing the newest launch, Steven Gelley, Wemlo co-founder, stated that as Athena evolves into more automated activities, it will help make mortgage loan originators that use the Wemlo platform more efficient and increase speed. Such an increased speed for clear to close may, in turn, assist the mortgage loan originators in growing their business, concluded Gelley. 

About Wemlo

Founded in 2018, Wemlo is a Florida-based fintech startup that is steadily reshaping mortgage loan processing in the mortgage loan broker channel. Wemlo was the first to develop an innovative solution for mortgage brokers which incorporates third-party loan processing into an all-in-one digital platform. Wemlo’s main aim is to offer loan originators a transparent processing solution that encompasses a robust technology foundation. 

For more information, visit: https://www.wemlo.io

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