Wirex, a pioneering payment platform and the first major crypto-native member of Mastercard, has announced the launch of its first global TV brand campaign. The TV ad consolidates Wirex’s core message of encouraging people to believe that all currencies, crypto or fiat, are equal and accessible to everyone. 

The campaign demonstrates the flexible and easy-to-use next-generation platform, highlighting the core product features of Wirex, including the seamless purchase, exchange, retention and investment of various traditional and cryptocurrencies using an intuitive mobile app. With the company operating in more than 130 countries, Wirex’s global brand strategy has been developed and adapted to represent its rapidly growing customer base. 

The ad shows how Wirex is ‘open to all’ as part of its plan to target customers may it be individuals who are looking for a simple onboard and off-board solution for cryptocurrency assets or mainstream Fintech fans who are seeking an alternative to slow and expensive conventional payment networks. The campaign includes different versions of the commercials designed to interact and communicate with people around the world and demonstrate the limitless nature of the product.

The goal of Wirex, ever since its creation by founders Pavel Matveev and Dmitry Lazarichev in 2014,  has been to usher cryptocurrency to the mainstream . It all began with the launch of the first Cryptoback Rewards scheme – Cryptoback™ rewards for cryptocurrencies worldwide. This innovative change in gaming offers bitcoin players up to 1.5 % growth of their shares, allowing everyone to automatically enjoy the benefits of the digital economy.

Wirex ‘s CEO and co-founder Pavel Matveev believes that this is a big step in the growth of Wirex. After gaining international recognition for their collaboration with Mastercard, they are extending their reach by launching their first global television advertisement. They aim to further broaden their user base and illustrate their dream of a digital economic world that is accessible to all by communicating the primary benefits of Wirex, such as low prices, high limits and versatility.

With more than 3 million registered customers, Wirex has already proved itself to be a pioneer in its field, showing why Wirex has become a payment platform for crypto and traditional money transactions between people around the world. With these latest accomplishments – and plans for a ground-breaking product update in the EEA area, Wirex is in a position to achieve its core objective of eventually bridging the gap between traditional and cryptocurrencies. Wirex’s ambitions to expand into new territories, in Japan and the US, later this year, is appropriately represented in its latest global campaign and the reach it has.

About Wirex

Wirex was established in 2014 by Pavel Mateev and Dmitry Laserichev, who identified the need to open up cryptocurrencies esoteric world and make digital money available to all. Wirex is a globally controlled digital payment platform which has pioneered new rules for digital payments space, ever since its inception. In 2015, the company developed the world’s first contactless payment card to allow users to spend digital and traditional money seamlessly in real life. Wirex is based in London with offices in Singapore, Kyiv, Tokyo, Toronto, Dallas and Atlanta.

For more information, visit:  https://wirexapp.com

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