The global release of ExpressPay announced on 23 June 2020 by the world’s leading digital workplace for frontline employees, WorkJam, looks to provide better access to earned income. As an employer-sponsored plan, ExpressPay will help their employees to instantly withdraw a part of their total income before their payday, without any extra charges. 

Under the usual payroll, it takes around two weeks for the employees to get hold of their total earnings. It puts them under immense stress which hampers their performance as they keep juggling among multiple jobs. ExpressPay solves this problem by allowing employees to collect a portion of their salary on the same day of their work, without any transaction charges. The withdrawn amount will get deposited in their bank accounts or their WorkJam debit cards. Coupled with WorkJam’s OpenShift marketplace facility, employers offering ExpressPay instantly become a favourite among the employees. 

WorkJam CEO and co-founder Steven Kramer said, “As businesses relentlessly fight for talent, employers are continuously looking for ways to retain employees and create dedication to the brand. With ExpressPay, employers can now show value-recognition to their frontline workforce while empowering them to assume more financial control.” 

He further explains that under the traditional market system, an employee has to pay extra through unsanctioned 3rd party solutions to gain access to their earnings. Hence, WorkJam’s ExpressPay comes as a relief to them as it helps them to gain control over their complete financial well-being. The good news for employers offering ExpressPay, will be the favour returned by employees with reduced attrition and no-calls as well as improved open shift coverage.

According to WorkJam’s research conducted before the pandemic, almost half of the hourly employees suffered from late payments on rent, utilities and their basic needs in case they missed a single shift. This could be solved if they get real-time access to their earned income and break the cycle of financial constraint. The employers offering ExpressPay to their employees will boost their morale and as a result, get much better work output.

Vincent Drouin, VP Corporate Development of WorkJam said, “The addition of ExpressPay into the WorkJam Digital Workplace continues our commitment of being the most complete frontline digital workplace on the market.” He believes that with features like communication, training, scheduling, managing tasks and better access to earned income, WorkJam will enable companies with remote workers to achieve improvement in operations, build their cultures and discover various ways of doing business. 

About WorkJam

Available in over 30 languages & countries, WorkJam is a frontline digital workplace platform that drives communication, revenue, efficiency and effectiveness by supporting the user’s tactical & strategic initiatives. WorkJam elevates the customer experience by offering the employees with lowered labour costs, attrition and absenteeism rates, through a highly motivated and engaged workforce. 

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