XTM, Inc., a Fintech company in the neo-banking space, announced its expansion plans of crypto trading within the Today Mobile wallet enabling holders to purchase and transact in cryptocurrency. Based in Miami and Toronto, XTM Inc. provides mobile banking and payment solutions worldwide.

This announcement is an extension of its previous announcement on August 17, 2020, about the technology facilitating near real-time funds loading to XTM mobile wallets for purchases. XTM is developing its technology to enable Today Mobile wallet holders to transfer, purchase and redeem cryptocurrency all within their mobile wallets.

Marilyn Schaffer, CEO at XTM, stated they got influenced by the news of Tesla’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission buying $1.5B in Bitcoin and the announcement by Mastercard that they will start supporting select cryptocurrencies directly on its network. This led them to think this time right for expanding their offerings. She further added that their users are looking for further crypto options and functionality. They aim to allow their mobile wallet users to move funds between accounts in near real-time.

Chad Arthur, Chief Technology Officer at XTM, stated that the development of technology to modernize traditional payment infrastructures sets them apart in the market. He further mentioned that they hold the strategy to stay ahead of the curve on technology development, driving revenues and improving transaction flow for their user base.

About XTM Inc.

XTM is a fintech innovator in the neo-banking space helping businesses and workers alike promote earnings payout and eliminate banking fees. XTM is a global card issuer and real-time payment specialist providing its technology to businesses to further automate and expedite worker payouts that can also eliminate cash.

To know more, visit: https://www.xtminc.com

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