Zoom Video Communications, Inc. recently announced that it has reached an agreement to buy Solvvy, a renowned conversational AI and automation platform for customer service. Together, Zoom and Solvvy will provide superior customer care to a worldwide company base and move rapidly to seize new contact center and customer support possibilities.

Zoom Contact Center, which was just introduced, is the first omnichannel contact center platform specialized for video, offering a full array of channels like video, voice, SMS, and webchat in a single, user-friendly interface. With the addition of Solvvy’s patented technology, Zoom Contact Center will be able to provide scalable self-service and conversational AI.

Customers of Zoom Contact Center will benefit from Solvvy’s automated, unified, and simple-to-deploy contact center, which helps answer end-user questions and resolve issues faster, enhances the overall customer experience, and saves money.

As organizations increasingly need to create excellent, personalized, and frictionless client experiences, the nature of customer experience is fundamentally changing.  Zoom’s President of Product and Engineering, Velchamy Sankarlingam, remarked that Solvvy understands this change and is the appropriate platform to strengthen their Zoom Contact Center service. Solvvy’s distinctive AI and machine learning technology, deep talent team, and a simple-to-deploy solution will help them accelerate their roadmap to providing concierge-level service to consumers worldwide.

With its unique blend of unified communication and customer experience, Zoom is poised to reinvent the contact center market.  They are ecstatic to join forces and scale their exceptional conversational AI service, commented Mahesh Ram, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Solvvy. Zoom’s Contact Center provides the same level of scalability, convenience, and end-user respect, making Zoom the world’s leading communications platform.  They believe they can radically alter the consumer experience by combining their modern tech stack, talented staff, and AI expertise. Zoom’s substantial technical knowledge, industry-leading platform, and worldwide reach will allow them to expand its effect on existing customers while also serving new ones.

Zoom will integrate and develop Solvvy’s capabilities throughout its Zoom Contact Center platform after the purchase closes. The combined Advanced Conversational AI and Automation product vision and innovation approach will be led by Solvvy Founding CEO Mahesh Ram and Co-Founder & CTO Justin Betteridge.

About Zoom

Zoom is a place where users can interact with others, share ideas, plan ahead, and create a future that is only limited by their imagination. Its seamless communications platform was the first to use video as its foundation, and they have been setting the bar for innovation ever since. As a result, they are an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure option for individuals, small businesses, and major corporations alike.

For more information, visit https://zoom.us/

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