On 28th May, Zoom Video Communications Inc. announced it had hired its first Chief Diversity Officer, Damien Hooper-Campbell. He had been with eBay since 2016 as an executive, the same position as Zoom. Hooper-Campbell is one of the most trusted men in his sector as he has a long history focused on corporate diversity, and who will now help San Jose-based Zoom in its further develop diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Hooper-Campbell has a glorious past, and he was associated with some of the global brands to help them increase their potentiality. He was eBay’s first Chief Diversity Officer and was also theVice President of the e-commerce company. Before eBay, he held different worthy positions at Uber and Google, and he also worked for Goldman Sachs and Harvard Business School.

While talking about the reason behind his interest to associate with Zoom, he highlighted Zoom, saying that its “virtual, yet authentic and human connections” will support people with a video conference platform, which is the need of the hour. The Covid-19 pandemic keeping workers everywhere at home, and due to that, Zoom has become a go-to technology for many.

According to Hooper-Campbell “There is an opportunity to not only help make the organization more diverse and inclusive but also to make the Zoom platform one that acknowledges and incorporates the needs and backgrounds of the hundreds of millions of participants who use it daily”.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said the core value of the company is to care. They care for the community, the customers, the company, the teammates, and for themselves. Damien embodies this vital part of their culture, not only he cares genuinely, he puts it into action while building programs and relationships, and developing initiatives that reflect that value.

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