Workiz, the top-tier field service management, and communication service platform, recently declared a new integration with Zoom, one of the leading video conferencing services. In reaction to an increasing requirement, Workiz provided this modern integration feature to  assist in profit based businesses, such as repair service, trash haulers, and carpet cleaners to grant video estimates to their clients and customers. By decreasing the requirement for physical contact between benefit suppliers and their clients, this innovative arrangement maintains the social distancing rules amid COVID.

Zoom Video supports to work more productively for service providers remotely instead of traveling back and forward to customers’ homes, safeguarding both service providers and clients in the midst of the COVID-19. It helps in their plannings, and management, and  troubleshoot fundamental issues over video for a lessened rate.

Based on the data of Workiz, earlier an average of 70% of service providers’ time spent in planning and providing estimates, instead of taking care of their management and services, and only 28% of the time eventually used in paying jobs. These fresh features include benefit to the service based businesses to do online estimates through video, which spares them time, subsequently improving their proficiency and creating a difference  to become more efficient in their services.

Adi (Didi) Azaria, the CEO of Workiz, said that because of COVID-19, service companies are undergoing a 20-40% decrease in new job requirements as clients think twice before hiring in-service professionals. Also, real-time videos can benefit companies to reply to their questions and ask for information through a live stream with clients. They can take the help of smartphone cameras to show them what has to be done for a way better understanding, fast problem-solving, and giving estimates. Moreover, for sceptical clients who are more concerned with a service provider expert entering their house, may take the advantages of paid video consulting for distinctive projects.

About Workiz

Workiz, founded in 2015, is a business platform serving small to medium-sized companies, on-demand field benefit businesses, such as locksmiths, carpet cleaners, garbage haulers, and machine repair administrations. With Workiz, field benefit experts can develop their businesses by jettisoning outdated commerce administration strategies, such as pen and paper, excel spreadsheets, and Google Calendar. In their place, Workiz offers an easy-to-use stage, which empowers businesses to oversee their planning, invoicing, installment preparing, online booking, and more. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Workiz serves the U.S. and Canadian field service markets, and is a Google Startup Growth Lab participant and Facebook Playground partner.

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