ZTE Corporation, global telecommunications, enterprise, and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has recently released a white paper and Omdia, the world’s leading technology research powerhouse, titled “Security Transparence and Assurance in a 5G World.”

The entire ecosystem in the 5G era, varying from IoT devices to 5G networks, requires comprehensive security assurance from regulations to operations as per the white paper. To tackle evolving challenges posed by global 5G deployment, the genuinely efficient security assurance needs collaboration and coordination of all parties involved, and regular assessments.

ZTE has been dedicated to researching proactive cybersecurity solutions for many years. The white paper highlights that ZTE’s existing security capabilities, roadmap, and experience have demonstrated a mechanism for collaboration, openness, and transparency, in a bid to address the forthcoming security risks and challenges in the 5G world.

The white paper also highlights that cybersecurity is the greatest priority for ZTE’s product R&D and service delivery. ZTE has established a comprehensive cybersecurity assurance mechanism following laws and standards. Besides, ZTE has adopted a series of cybersecurity measures, such as the three defense model lines, cybersecurity labs, the Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), and security assessments. ZTE passed GSMA’s NESAS audit in August 2020, demonstrating the security of ZTE’s 5G development and lifecycle processes.

Senior Research Director of Cybersecurity at Omdia, Maxine Holt, stated that digitalization has been advancing for many years. It is required for comprehensive security assurance to be in line with risk appetite. The combination of digital risk in terms of people, technology, and process to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of information is palpable. She further added that cybersecurity is a global challenge to which all players must participate to achieve and maintain a safe and reliable 5G network with high performance.

Vice President and Chief Security Officer at ZTE, Zhong Hong, asserted that ZTE is all geared up and aspires to collaborate with customers and industry stakeholders to tackle security challenges. He further mentioned that the company foresees to develop a secure and trustworthy 5G network to facilitate a better digital life for everyone.

For managing security throughout the product lifecycle, ZTE will continue to maintain transparency and openness and embrace a risk-based approach. Furthermore, the company will conform to regulatory requirements and technical standards, implement assessments, and receive the certifications required by customers and regulators.

About ZTE Corporation

ZTE Corporation, a world leader in telecommunications and information technology, is devoted to providing integrated end-to-end innovations. The company intends to deliver excellence and value to consumers, businesses, carriers, and government and enterprise network customers from more than 160 countries worldwide to enhance connectivity and productivity. ZTE Corporation was founded in 1985 and listed on both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.

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