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Qwil, a global payment solutions provider has announced that its Qwil Supplier Payment Optionality Solution will be available on SAP® App Center, which is a digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. Owing to the integration, contingent workforce suppliers will have additional options in terms of payment methods. About 1,800 partner solutions, which are SAP-validated are already available on SAP® App Center that integrate with and extend SAP solutions. These have been categorized methodically, based on the SAP product line, solution type and industry, essentially creating a variety of opportunities for users.

The Qwil Supplier Payment Optionality Solution will be useful for customers of SAP Fieldglass solutions, a leading company in contingent workforce and services procurement. There is set to be additional flexibility in global payments, because one of the benefits includes being able to change the currency used in invoices for a smoother process, which will be helpful when dealing with smaller global markets. Customers of Sap Fieldglass will be able to attract new, diverse and niche contingent workforce suppliers, improving the speed of global deployment of contingency workers. 

As part of the SAP PartnerEdge® program, Qwil has the privilege of being able to build, sell and market software applications on top of market-leading technology platforms from SAP. The program framework is altogether simple and all SAP technologies can be accessed using a single global contract. Specific business needs are sufficed due to the systematic structure of the program. With the help of enablement tools, support and other benefits, emphasis has been provided to deriving the best quality applications that are cost-effective as well.

Johnny Reinsch, co-founder and CEO, Qwil, stated, “The integration of our Supplier Payment Optionality with the SAP Fieldglass vendor management solution, provides payment options that help businesses get paid how and when they want,” further expressing how through the partnership with SAP, outstanding benefits of the solution will be provided to tens of thousands of suppliers in the SAP Fieldglass ecosystem. He also mentioned how choosing the payment terms will put suppliers in the driver’s seat for the cash flow of their businesses on any given day. 

About Qwil

Partners with leading marketplaces, Fortune 500 companies and staffing firms, Qwil is an automated payment and liquidity solution that extends services to businesses and freelancers, allowing them the freedom to choose how, when and where they want to get paid. Additionally, it provides access to funds, early payment options and seamless onboarding. 

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About SAP Fieldglass 

Founded in 1999, SAP Fieldglass has been helping companies find and manage external talent and contingent workforces. Its cloud-based solutions have proved effective for global businesses in optimizing use of external workers and service providers. The company has been committed to innovation, which reflects in their constantly-improving VMS Solution.

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