DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE: What’s the Difference? Choose the One that is Best for you


Over the years, organizations that find it difficult to scale their technology processes and operations have come to rely upon techniques including DevSecOps, DevOps, and SRE across multiple sites. Nevertheless, the task of managing development-related infrastructure and infrastructure upgrades is often very challenging. It requires the use of infrastructure-as-code, or API management for easy installation,… Read More »

OpenLogic by Perforce Extends Java Support by Offering OpenJDK Distributions


The leading agnostic open source support provider, OpenLogic by Perforce announced that it would be providing an enterprise-class alternative to Oracle Java by offering OpenJDK distributions, which is the most widely used OpenLogic support. OpenLogic acquired by Perforce Software in March 2019 and; since then, the expansion of its Java Support offering with OpenJDK builds… Read More »