Imageware to Integrate Biometrics into Blockchain-Powered Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Imageware, a leader and pioneer in biometric identification and authentication, has announced the launch of the first biometrically enabled solution in the Self Sovereign Identity market.    With hacking, ransomware, and other cybersecurity concerns on the rise, SSI will become the go-to solution for protecting and controlling identities. Adding biometric protection to the identity blockchain… Read More »

How Behavioral Biometrics Prevents Online Banking Frauds?

Mercator Advisory Group

For businesses navigating the digital age, fraud is a huge issue. Cybercriminals exploit companies in every industry, using account takeover, social engineering, and user impersonation techniques to access customers’ bank accounts. Online payment frauds increased in the year 2017 following a downswing earlier in the decade, according to the 2018 Association of Financial Professionals payments… Read More »