Business Development Case Studies are Evolving with The Bitcoin SV Node Software Update from Dynastic


The Swiss-based leading global organization Bitcoin Association, intending to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, announced the Bitcoin SV Node software v1.0.7 (Dynastic). This version is now available for download from It is the finalized version of the public beta of January v1.0.7. The Dynastic update to the Bitcoin SV Node software is… Read More »

Bitcoin Association Expands Its Global Team to Increase Market Knowledge and The Acceptance Of Bitcoin SV


The Swiss-based global industry organization Bitcoin Association, which aims to advance business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain, announces that it has made many strategic additions to its global team as it works to increase the understanding and acceptance of Bitcoin SV among companies. Lizette Louw was hired as a content marketing specialist by the Bitcoin… Read More »

NovaDAX Has Introduced Support for Buying and Trading Of Bitcoin SV [BSV]


NovaDAX, Brazil’s leading international digital asset exchange, has announced to support its European customers for the purchase and trading of Bitcoin SV [BSV]. A trading pair of BSV/EURs will be available for use on NovaDAX immediately after the start of its European operations this month. NovaDAX ‘s move to launch Bitcoin SV trading for its… Read More »

Bitcoin Association Focuses on Its Technical Outreach by Hiring Bryan Daugherty


The Swiss global industry Bitcoin Association has hired its first technical outreach specialist Bryan Daugherty to get better business benefits from the Bitcoin SV data network. The idea is to build up a strong business engagement between Bitcoin Association and Bitcoin SV blockchain and digital currency. Daugherty’s role will be educating the corporate leaders in… Read More »

India-based BuyUCoin Launches Bitcoin SV Trading Paris To Support BSV


BuyUCoin, a foremost Cryptocurrency exchange in India, has recently announced the introduction of BSV/INR and BSV/USDT trading pairs on their platform. These Bitcoin SV trading pairs, including a fiat currency trading pair, are all set to support Bitcoin SV [BSV].  Due to the fast-growing ecosystem of applications and services complementing its capability to work as a… Read More »

Emirex, a Digital Commodities Exchange, Introduces Bitcoin SV Trading Pairs


Emirex, a digital commodities exchange platform based in Dubai, has recently introduced Bitcoin SV (BSV) on its platform. BSV/USDT and BSV/EUR trading pairs are listed and are available for immediate effect. The company has also plan to introduce BSV/AED trading pair later, which will be the first direct BSV/AED pair available in the market. The… Read More »

Patrick Prinz Appointed by Bitcoin Association as Europe & Operations Manager to Bolster Bitcoin SV


Bitcoin Association, the foremost global organization for Bitcoin business that supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the original Bitcoin, recently welcomed Patrick Prinz, CFA as its latest Europe & Operations Manager. In this new position, Prinz is all set to serve both the roles of expanding the business growth of Bitcoin CV across Europe and fulfilling the organization’s operational… Read More »