Juneteenth Saw the Debut of the First-ever Black-owned Social Job Network Based on Blockchain Technology


As the country prepares to recognise Juneteenth as a federal holiday for the first time, a new frontier for technological diversity is emerging. Mardochee “Mardix” Macxis, a Fortune 500 Senior Software Engineer, is creating BlackDevHub.io, the first Black social and employment matching network built on blockchain technology. BlackDevHub.io provides a decentralised platform for Black and… Read More »

Great Mountain Holding Group Limited Launched Gold System Token

Great Mountain Holding Group

The British company Great Mountain Holding Group Limited (GM) has launched Gold System Token (GST), a digital gold token economic system. GST is an open and digital finance framework focusing on blockchain technologies that will support and provide gold-based upstream and downstream industries with new liquidity and ownership opportunities. Blockchain technology is being used to… Read More »

A-Medicare Coin All Set to Carve the Future of Healthcare Industry


A-Medicare, a universal health care system that creates affordable healthcare and provides programs, declared its plans to deal with the most urgent human problems with the latest technology. It is introducing a new Crypto Coin that is set to play a pivotal role in the functionality of the increasing health services platform. A-Medicare Coin is… Read More »

RecycleGO Partners with DeepDive Technology Group on the Recycling Blockchain Technology


RecycleGo, the foremost recycling company, has joined forces with DeepDive Technology Group, a firm focused on delivering customers the most advanced solutions to meet their business needs, to usher trust, transparency, and improved decision-making through blockchain technology to the recycling supply chain business. Officially in development, this new blockchain product is all set to be… Read More »

Honeywell Uses The Blockchain Approach To Digitize Parts Of Aircraft


Aerospace companies and their customers have been slipping into cumbersome reporting and storage systems for decades. Honeywell solves these problems by fully integrating aircraft record generation into its digital blockchain database. It allows Honeywell customers to quickly identify and capture distributed data using a single user interface, providing an unparalleled level of speed and productivity… Read More »

Atomex Launched Atomic Swap Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Atomic Swap

Atomex has launched its Atomic swap decentralized exchange (DEX) on three platforms, namely Windows, Linux, and the Web. The DEX type hybrid allows to create cross-chain agreements between various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos without trusting third party suppliers, custodians or chains (without any tokens). Atomex DApps officially launched 28 May 2020. The co-founder… Read More »

OK Group Announces the Launch of OK Recruit, A Blockchain Talent Acquisition and Training Program

Business Insurance

OK Group, an esteem blockchain technology and service provider, have announced the launch of OK Recruit, which is a blockchain talent recruitment and training plan program. OK Recruit is anticipated to revolutionize the Blockchain industry by creating voluminous job opportunities comprising positions on research, development and applications. The OK Group plans to train and develop… Read More »

How Fintech is Revolutionizing with Blockchain Technology In 2020 ?


A complete transformation… that’s what has happened in the finance sector. Earlier, technology adoption was at a gradual pace, and the main aim was to substitute manual processes, such as book-keeping, recording customer information and transactional details to name a few. Enter FinTech, with the emphasis on replacing most tasks with latest technology applications and… Read More »

Proof of Impact Introducing B2B Platform for More Impact and Clarity

B2B Platform

One of the leading blockchain technology start-ups is trying their best to make an impact on the B2B platform. Proof of Impact is revolutionizing the way people fund and experience with the launch of their new platform, which can track, verify, and transact impact at the unit-level for businesses, entities and individuals across the globe.… Read More »

Stellar Development Foundation to Affiliate with Elliptic’s Monitoring, Compliance, and Analysis Software

Stellar Development Foundation

The Stellar Development Foundation announced it’s an exclusive partnership with Elliptic. They are the leading provider of crypto-asset risk management solutions for crypto businesses and financial institutions. The Stellar Development Foundation has stated that the world’s first XLM transaction and wallet screening skills will bring further reliance and safety to the Stellar network. According to… Read More »

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