The future is now: Loyalty Programs and NFTs

Alexander K

The future has arrived, or so it seems. A new reality of products has come to the attention of future-minded companies and individuals which is causing quite a lot of hype: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Don’t worry, this isn’t an Aldous Huxley-ian

Posted in Guest Articles By Alexander Kubicki   Date December 23, 2021

Imageware to Integrate Biometrics into Blockchain-Powered Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Imageware, a leader and pioneer in biometric identification and authentication, has announced the launch of the first biometrically enabled solution in the Self Sovereign Identity market.    With hacking, ransomware, and other cybersecurity concerns on the rise, SSI will become the go-to solution for protecting and controlling identities. Adding biometric protection to the identity blockchain… Read More »

HashCash Recommends Implementation of Blockchain to Activate Digital Identity for COVID Vaccine Distribution

block chain

HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development firm, proposes activating the Digital Identity feature on blockchain to help with COVID vaccination supply chain identification and traceability. Multiple concerns of fraud, counterfeiting, and unlawful vaccine drives have appeared in numerous instances since the debut of the COVID vaccine. This work is aimed at smoothing out the system’s… Read More »

InstallAware Adds an Ethereum Payment Gateway to Apps, Allowing for the Creation of Blockchain-Based NFT Setups


InstallAware X13 has been updated with unprecedented blockchain and cryptocurrency features by InstallAware Software, the technology leader in software installation, repackaging, and virtualization solutions for application designers and companies. As a result, InstallAware becomes the first and only application deployment system that offer 21st-century packaging and eCommerce capabilities for software developers and publishers, thanks to… Read More »

Blockstream Acquires Adamant Capital and Creates Blockstream Finance, a New Financial Division


Blockstream has agreed to buy Adamant Capital, a Bitcoin hedge fund managed by Tuur Demeester, an early Bitcoin supporter and investor. Blockstream Finance, Blockstream’s newest business focusing on delivering Bitcoin-focused investment products on the Liquid Network, will be built on the basis laid down by the acquisition of Adamant Capital. Demeester will continue to serve… Read More »

IQST – iQSTEL Enhanced Telecom Services Like Fintech, Blockchain Renowned IoT Solutions Highlighted in Recent EV JV Featured in Business Trends Article


iQSTEL, Inc. (USOTC: IQST) reported that its cohesive enhanced telecommunications services were featured in a Market Trends Magazine report. The company is increasingly growing from its Tier-1 and Tier-2 service provider origins to become a communications technology pioneer. As iQSTEL prepares for a proposed NASDAQ uplisting, revenues and margins are increasingly increasing. The company’s current… Read More »

Brane, a Cryptocurrency Custody Provider, Onboards Martin Lantaigne, an IBM Partner and Veteran Technology Executive

Brane, a Cryptocurrency Custody Provider, Onboards Martin Lantaigne, an IBM Partner and Veteran Technology Executive

Martin Lantaigne, an experienced technology executive and current Partner and Canadian Federal Cluster Leader at IBM, has joined the Advisory Board of Brane Inc., a leading cryptocurrency custodian. Lantaigne will support Brane’s growth into Canada’s leading blockchain innovation company as a member of Brane’s advisory board, bringing deep tech sector experience. Lantaigne said that she… Read More »

NEM Group Announces the Launch of Symbol, the Next-Generation Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Platform

NEM Group

NEM Group, an organization promoting the development of Symbol from NEM, a trusted and secure enterprise blockchain that smooths business friction, announced the launch of Symbol, its next-generation Proof-of-Stake+ (PoS+) Public Blockchain. Possessing enterprise-grade programmability and security, Symbol from NEM, brings cutting-edge technical features. These can be leveraged by innovative projects building healthcare, fintech, and… Read More »

Founder of McKayResearch, James McKay, Launches New Blockchain YouTube Channel


James McKay, Principal and Founder at McKayResearch, an independent provider of market intelligence, analysis, and strategy services, announced the launch of a new YouTube channel. The channel aims to provide independent analysis on the latest developments in blockchain and its interaction with the world of investment and Industry 4.0 technology. The McKayResearch channel will provide… Read More »

HashCash is working on a White-label Cryptocurrency exchange for a business headquartered in Portugal


HashCash, an international blockchain development firm, is now lending its expert knowledge in Portugal after various successful collaborations. The blockchain leader is extending their cryptocurrency knowledge to Portugal’s leading businesses, with the hope of collaborating on a white label cryptocurrency exchange and facilitating the launch of their own digital asset trading platform. HashCash intends to… Read More »