Blockchain Development Company HashCash Consultants Considers a Digital Mining Venture


HashCash, a US-based blockchain development company, is considering a digital mining venture, intending to involve the gold mining companies in its bid to understand the idea. This model defines the worth of gold in the ground. The metal is never physically mined but traded on an exchange using digital tokens. Investors buy these digital tokens… Read More »

7 Blockchain-Based Native Advertising Platforms You Need to Know About!


Almost a decade ago, the internet dealt with intangibles. One could only send and receive emails, read articles, and correspond on forums. Today, the internet deals with assets, and these assets get stored in an encoded form on a network-to-network chain known as the Blockchain. Over the last few years, Blockchain has seen many applications,… Read More »

FYX Surfaces Blockchain-based Competitive eSports Platform


FYX, an eSports infrastructure and technology provider located in Raleigh specializing in blockchain-based technologies, announced the forthcoming launch of its flagship professional eSports platform FYX is a re-branded continuation of the eSports blockchain-based platform initially developed under the name Kronoverse. It is in its final phases of growth ahead of a public launch expected… Read More »

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Just Hit an All-Time High Price?


Bitcoin is one of the most efficient ways of transferring money through online platforms. The process is controlled by a decentralized network that offers transparency with a specific set of rules and regulations, presenting an alternative to central bank-controlled money. Bitcoin hit a fresh record high of $23,000 on December 17, 2020. The price reached a record mark… Read More »

Is COVID-19 the Biggest Opportunity in Crypto Asset Trading?

Crypto Asset

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and its catastrophic effects on the whole world, people are inclining towards online platforms for almost every aspect of life., including work, education, or health care services. When most of the industries are facing hard times, crypto-trading is witnessing a strong ground. In this crisis, whether… Read More »

Universal Protocol Alliance Prepares for The Launch of its Ground-breaking Tokens with the Appointment of New Members and Chairman

Universal Protocol TMB

The Universal Protocol, a coalition of foremost blockchain organizations including Bittrex Global, Uphold, Ledger, and Certik, on November 17th, 2020, announced the onboarding of Infinigold as its member. Infinigold, the issuer of the world’s first government-supported gold token on a public blockchain on a public blockchain, has joined the Alliance as a full member, along… Read More »

ARTCEL’S Utility Coin ‘ARTEM’ to Debut in Q1 2021 ICO to Promote Safe and Secure Trading

ARTCELS’ Utility Coin ‘ARTEM’ TMB 1

ARTCELS, the world’s first art investments digital platform, is set to introduce a Utility Coin named ‘ARTEM’. This release, which is a partnership with 4ARTechnologies AG and Assetyze AG, will allow secure trade, investment, and exchange among the members of all the three parties involved. The ICO of ARTEM in Q1 2021 marks a prominent landmark in… Read More »

Babak Kazemi Advances with Payments & Entertainment Invention in Global Market

Global Market

California-based Babak Kazemi, techno-innovator, blockchain expert, & entrepreneur, has launched Remotiq and Starz2u, two distinct platforms connecting the gaps between two distinct markets. Remotiq is an easy-to-install, flexible online platform that offers businesses and individuals accessibility to fluid payment capabilities in coordination with crypto & fiat currencies. It resolves criticalities of present medium-sized businesses, SMEs, and… Read More »

Fineqia Announces the Investment in Blockchain Fund IDEO COlab Ventures

Fineqia International Inc. announced that it has participated in the US$21 million IDEO CoLab Ventures (“IDEO CoLab Ventures”) fund that invests in early-stage blockchain and crypto start-ups. Its subsidiary, Fineqia Investments Ltd, invested in IDEO CoLab Ventures.  Besides Fineqia, the fund is backed by global design organization IDEO, which is known for iconic designs like… Read More »

Everipedia Collaborates With Chainlink To Publishing U.S. Election Race Calls


Everipedia, a leading blockchain knowledge company, has collaborated with Chainlink, the world’s largest decentralized oracle network. They aim to build an infrastructure for signing and publishing U.S. election race calls on the blockchain. The Everipedia Chainlink node will offer access to U.S. election data secured by a cryptographic proof that can be used for verifying… Read More »