QEBR Announces its Divested Ownership, to Focus on Filecoin Development and Mining

Filecoin Development

QEBR, a technology holding company announced that it has divested its ownership in two subsidiaries to focus all of the corporate resources on the buildout of its blockchain-based Filecoin mining operations. In 2017, in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Filecoin raised $257 Million from reputable investors like Andreesen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Naval Ravikant,… Read More »

Fimatix Welcomes Tim Howarth as the Managing Director for its Financial Services


Fimatix, a foremost Financial Services Consultancy, recently announced that industry expert Tim Howarth has joined their team as the Managing Director for Financial Services. In this role, Howarth would be driving the business growth through strategic acquisitions and by offering clients new services. Tim joins the company following the fusion of Fimatix and Agilesphere on 9… Read More »

CommerceBlock Introduces MainStay Cloud Storage Integration


CommerceBlock is introducing easy-to-use web integrations for its MainStay attestation service into popular cloud storage platforms Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It enables users to easily access their stored data, create cryptographic hash identifiers for their data, and validate them through the CommerceBlock MainStay validation service for testing in future to the Bitcoin blockchain. Digitalizing… Read More »

MarketPLAce of PlayDapp Launched C2C Blockchain NFT Exchange


The government of the Republic of Korea is paying particular importance to blockchain game industry. They have introduced a blockchain game item brokering service as a new growth engine for the game sector, the blockchain game services platform PlayDapp, which is part of SuperTree services. The PlayDapp announced the launch of the “PlayDapp MarketPLAce” NFT… Read More »

Celsius Network Offers Loans at 1% APR and Goes Beyond 100,000 Active Users Worldwide


The industry-leading Crypto lending platform Celsius proclaim that it is lending its borrowers USD and stable coin loans at the lowest of 1% APR against their cryptocurrency processions in response to COVID-19 crisis as a relief endeavor. Besides the crypto-backed loans and interest-earning accounts, Celsius also announced the achievement of its stupendous growth exceeding over… Read More »

New Standard of Compute Power, Energy Efficiency and Flexibility Set by InspireSemi

Computer Power

InspireSemi™ (Inspire Semiconductor, Inc.), an organization committed towards developing and delivering superior solutions for AI and other compute industries, recently announced the development of its second-generation ASIC solution. This solution is for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Scientific High Performance computing.  With seed funding provided by CryptoCore Intellectual Holdings LLC, InspireSemi’s Gen1 ASIC chip is currently… Read More »

SIMBA Receives Contract from US Department of Defense to Develop Blockchain-Based System for Safekeeping of Sensitive R&D Data


The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), which is responsible for around 40 percent of all Federal research and development (R&D) appropriations, recently announced that it has awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract worth $200,000 to SIMBA Chain. SIMBA Chain offers a platform that gives access to smart contract methods that transact on… Read More »

Consumer Banking Services 2020: The Future of the Banking Industry

Consumer Banking

In the light of innovations like Fintech and Blockchain, Traditional Consumer banking services face high competitiveness. This has made it highly difficult for Retail banks to satisfy and retain customers. This article will educate you about the challenges and the innovations the Banking Industry will bring, in the year 2020 and beyond.  Let us take… Read More »