Token Metrics Launches Crypto Rating Indices for Crypto Traders and Investors


A data-driven investment research platform for crypto transactions Token Metrics launches its most demanded feature known as crypto rating indices having 14 cryptocurrency indices. These cryptocurrency indices are prototypical portfolios developed using machine learning technology. This AI-enabled feature leverage analytics and machine learning that streamlines and brings quality investing and trading experience to crypto investors… Read More »

DinoPlusAI Introduces FPGA-based DinoEdge AI Platform to Help Alleviate the Spread of Coronavirus

AI monitering

In order to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, FPGA-based DinoEdge AI platform, a Health & Safety Monitoring Solutions, was launched by DinoPlusAI. The company is a leading real-time edge computing AI platform provider that leverages FlextyX, an FPGA AI Inference Accelerator based on U280 cards and Xilinx Alveo U50.  The FlextyX supports a… Read More » Launches AI Video Meetings to Make Business Meetings More Efficient

Online Meeting

The launch of video collaboration platform on 22 July 2020, holds promise with features and integration capabilities that would encourage employee engagement and productivity. The platform automatically manages all meeting content via a real-time collaborative notes application, a recommendation engine that suggests meeting agendas based on participants, and an automatic speech recognition function that… Read More »

CircleAround Officially Launches Their Website Powered By Girl Scouts™ To Provide Content That Inspires Women


CircleAround officially launched their website, powered by Girl Scouts, a digital media living guide for adult women seeking values-based content. CircleAround is a digital media site managed by One GS Media, a subsidiary of Girl Scouts in the USA. CircleAround aims to delight, inform and intrigue women along with helping them in creating purpose-driven… Read More »

New Program To Help U.S. Small Businesses With The Crisis In COVID-19

Small Business

UM, the global marketing agency network of IPG Media brands, announced the launch of ALL IN FOR SMALL: an IPG Marketing Collective, an UM-led project to help U.S. small businesses survive and potentially succeed in the face of the pandemic. The wider Stand for Small coalition of UM’s American Express clients is contributing content and… Read More »

BurstIQ Awarded the Innovative Entrepreneurship Title at Enterprise Blockchain Awards for 2020


BurstIQ bagged the coveted award for Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain Industry Solutions at the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards hosted by Blockchain Revolution Global. It is the first blockchain company to join the UN Global Compact and is an eminent provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions for the healthcare sector. Frank Ricotta, the CEO of the company, and… Read More »

Seechum App for Social Connections Introduced in 188 Countries

Social Connectivity

The Social Connections Mobile App, Seechum, has been launched globally on Google App Store. The official launch is result of a successful seed funding, which got closed at the end of 2019 and a short beta that got released in the UK. Seechum is the world’s first on-demand video-based Social Connection Mobile App with an… Read More »


Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 Impact on Businesses: As companies were preparing to deal with a recession period in the economic cycle, the impact of an unexpected pandemic left many stranded and perplexed. COVID-19 has dealt a profound blow on the global economy and commercial activities. The negative implications have urged businesses to seek suitable solutions and help… Read More »

The Desktop Diaspora: Fixed Broadband After COVID-19’- An Insightful Report by VelociData for MSOs

Work From Home

VelociData Inc.’s landmark report titled ‘The Desktop Diaspora: Fixed Broadband After COVID-19’, documenting the growth of permanent Work from Home (WFH) and its likely impact on fixed broadband providers was released today. A 19 pages detailed report entails the threats of 5G challenging the supremacy of cable and fibre network providers as well as lists… Read More »