Seechum App for Social Connections Introduced in 188 Countries

Social Connectivity

The Social Connections Mobile App, Seechum, has been launched globally on Google App Store. The official launch is result of a successful seed funding, which got closed at the end of 2019 and a short beta that got released in the UK. Seechum is the world’s first on-demand video-based Social Connection Mobile App with an… Read More »


Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 Impact on Businesses: As companies were preparing to deal with a recession period in the economic cycle, the impact of an unexpected pandemic left many stranded and perplexed. COVID-19 has dealt a profound blow on the global economy and commercial activities. The negative implications have urged businesses to seek suitable solutions and help… Read More »

The Desktop Diaspora: Fixed Broadband After COVID-19’- An Insightful Report by VelociData for MSOs

Work From Home

VelociData Inc.’s landmark report titled ‘The Desktop Diaspora: Fixed Broadband After COVID-19’, documenting the growth of permanent Work from Home (WFH) and its likely impact on fixed broadband providers was released today. A 19 pages detailed report entails the threats of 5G challenging the supremacy of cable and fibre network providers as well as lists… Read More »

MedSitter by IDSolutions Helps Hospitals Implement Remote Patient Monitoring Solution amid COVID-19

Remote Patient Monitoring

The MedSitter, Rapid Response Virtual Implementation Program, announced by IDSolutions (IDS) in Noblesville, IN, aims at implementing virtual patient monitoring technology that would enable remote communication with patients infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). This would reduce unnecessary exposure of health caregivers while treating infectious patients. Hospitals across the nation have initiated the program as it helps… Read More »

mHealthCoach Releases Solution to Help and Protect Employees from Coronavirus Pandemic


Smart Care Management Network mHealthCoach launched Employee Screening System, an app-based system for companies who want protect proactively the safety and health of their returning employees in the midst of COVID-19.The employee screening solution has several characteristics that make pandemic workplace management easy for companies to scale up and fulfil privacy and security needs. The… Read More »

GigSmart Steps Up with the New Coronavirus Unemployment Resource Center to Help Americans

Unemployment Resource Center

The Coronavirus Unemployment Resource Center, a state based online resource center launched by GigSmart, strives to make American lives impacted by COVID-19 easier by helping them to find information on unemployment insurance, healthcare benefits and financial aids. As the states transition from their coronavirus protective measures, the staffing solution company for the gig economy, GigSmart… Read More »

Slate Asset Management Reveals Strategies and Appoints Doug Podd as the Next Managing Director

Slate Asset Management

Slate Asset Management (Slate), a top-tier real estate asset management platform, recently announced that it determines to extend up to $500 million of transitional capital that will provide liquidity to the Canadian real estate industry. This strategy would specifically assist those who got affected by the COVID-19, causing market disruption. With rapid execution and closing… Read More »

Impact of COVID-19 on the World Environment

COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of its kind global health calamity of the century and one of the biggest challenges the humankind faced since World War II. The outbreak and its mode of transmission are believed to have passed from animals to humans. Recently, the zoonotic diseases are on the rise, as the world continues… Read More »

Proof of Impact Introducing B2B Platform for More Impact and Clarity

B2B Platform

One of the leading blockchain technology start-ups is trying their best to make an impact on the B2B platform. Proof of Impact is revolutionizing the way people fund and experience with the launch of their new platform, which can track, verify, and transact impact at the unit-level for businesses, entities and individuals across the globe.… Read More »