ixlayer Comes with COVID-19 Clinical Testing Support for in Clinic and Remote Testing

Clinical Testing

ixlayer, the market leader in health testing technology solutions, has adapted its platform to tackle the need for accelerated COVID-19 clinical research to be initiated and scale-up. The ixlayer platform, which is already comprising the security components that are complex and time-consuming to produce, has involved in different content to extent the support against COVID-19. … Read More »

Dimensional Insight Declares COVID-19 Analytics Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Tool kit

Dimensional Insight, the maker of Diver Platform, which is known to be the Best in KLAS healthcare business intelligence/analytics platform in 2020, has announced it is providing a complimentary COVID-19 toolkit to healthcare providers. The kit will help in critical measures or KPIs that hospitals and health systems need to track for better management of… Read More »

PheedLoop Inc. Introduces Virtual Events Software Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Virtual events

Event technology leader PheedLoop Inc. is well acknowledged for its cloud-based end-to-end event management and automation platform. The company has come up with a new set of virtual event products to support the meetings and event industry. Amid the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, meetings and events are mostly canceled for the foreseeable future. This situation is… Read More »