PayBito Allows its Users a Demo of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 


PayBito, a leading digital asset exchange platform, now offers a trial version of their white label crypto exchange software that allows seekers, keen investors, and institutional crypto people to view and experience the exchange. PayBito inspires crypto adopters, investors, and financial establishments to test the demo link and get a first-hand understanding of the software. PayBito covers a direct exchange,… Read More »

Two New Trading Methods Coming to Asia Broadband’s Soon-to-Be-Released Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange


Asia Broadband, Inc. recently announced that it will be launching two new trading methods in September 2021. These will be usable in AABB’s proprietary cryptocurrency exchange under the names Quick Exchange and Advanced Exchange. Both trading methods will be available to customers following the release of the digital exchange. 1. The Quick Exchange feature enables… Read More »

DMEX Launches Public Trading of Derivatives with no Gas Fees


In response to the increasing demand for new products among crypto-users and increasing fees on the Ethereum network, DMEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated public trade in derivatives without gas fees. The announcement comes after thorough research of the platform’s features has demonstrated its efficient functioning and seamless user experience. By using the xDAI… Read More »

Paxful Announces Partnership With South Korean Cryptocurrency Giant Bithumb Global


Paxful, a peer-to-peer (P2P) global cryptocurrency marketplace, announced its partnership with Bithumb Global, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. Bithumb Global has been recognized as the most influential digital currency exchange in the country with 1 million mobile app users, 8 million registered users, and over 1 trillion USD transaction volume. They provide opportunities to a… Read More »

Crypt Exchange Expert Binance Joins Blockchain For Europe


The leading blockchain company behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced that it would join Blockchain for Europe, a European membership association representing EU-level international blockchain industry participants. Along with, Ripple,, and BlockSeed Ventures, Binance, will join Blockchain Board for Europe, under Teana Baker-Taylor, U.K. Director. The group of industry experts and… Read More »

PayFbit Inaugurates Blockchain-based Payment and Digital Asset Management Platform Through ICO


PayFbit, a leading global fintech company, has introduced several products like Wallet, P2P Exchange, Cryptocurrency Exchange, and Smart Cards, using blockchain technology. These products will help individuals to use cryptocurrency in their daily lives. Cryptocurrency is recently getting attention due to reasones such as decentralization, negligible transaction fees, and interoperability, and so on. PayFbit has… Read More »