XTM Announces Expansion to its Technology with New Cryptocurrency Trading Features


XTM, Inc., a Fintech company in the neo-banking space, announced its expansion plans of crypto trading within the Today Mobile wallet enabling holders to purchase and transact in cryptocurrency. Based in Miami and Toronto, XTM Inc. provides mobile banking and payment solutions worldwide. This announcement is an extension of its previous announcement on August 17,… Read More »

Margex Launches Globally with an Announcement of $1,000,000 Bonus Giveaway Promotional Campaign


Margex, a cryptocurrency derivates trading platform, has announced its worldwide launch. Now each new customer will be able to try the platform for free, with an included $100 bonus to settle trading commissions and financing fees on the platform. Margex plans to distribute up to $1,000,000 in bonuses to a total of 10,000 users during… Read More »

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Now Exceeds 9% of the Global Banking Industry

Bitcoin's Market Cap

Bitcoin’s market capitalization growth positions the asset to rival the cumulative value of the global banking sector. In comparison, Bitcoin’s growth has seen its market cap equate to nearly 10% of the global banking industry, a huge milestone. Data provided by the Cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot shows that as of January 19, 2021, Bitcoin’s… Read More »

Is COVID-19 the Biggest Opportunity in Crypto Asset Trading?

Crypto Asset

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and its catastrophic effects on the whole world, people are inclining towards online platforms for almost every aspect of life., including work, education, or health care services. When most of the industries are facing hard times, crypto-trading is witnessing a strong ground. In this crisis, whether… Read More »

What is Cryptocurrency Trading & How does it Work?


We are familiar with the usual trading models and strategies. Words such as intraday trading, stock markets, exchanges, momentum trading, and swing trading have become quite recognizable. With the onset of online trading and blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading is increasing in popularity. More people are interested in understanding the core concept and reap the rewards… Read More »

DigitalMint Announces Long-Term Partnership with Kerma Tech to Expand Bitcoin ATM Locations


DigitalMint, an on-demand cryptocurrency provider, has recently joined forces with Kerma Tech, a Southeast ATM operator, to offer consumers access to cryptocurrency across various states, including Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. This long-term strategic alliance deploys Bitcoin ATMs in gas stations and convenience stores in 25 locations and includes cities such as Stockbridge, Hampton, Columbus, Americus,… Read More »

Black Friday To Be Pioneered by Black-Owned Businesses by Accepting Cryptocurrency Guapcoin

Black Friday

This year’s Black Friday following Thanksgiving Day is evolving into an intensified shopping experience for the Black community. This event is backed by the Black founded cryptocurrency Guapcoin ($GUAP) and aligned with the “Guap Friday” movement. This move is inspired by the realization that there is hardly any initiative to support Black business owners. Generally,… Read More »

ZenSports Adds ICX To Its Platform for Funding, Betting, and Trading


ZenSports, a P2P sports betting marketplace, has recently announced the addition of ICX, the native cryptocurrency from ICON’s blockchain protocol, to its platform for funding, betting, and trading. With this new development, ZenSports users can now promptly deposit ICX into their accounts, wager on sports using ICX, and buy/sell/trade ICX within the ZenSports trading exchange.  ICX… Read More »

Huobi Global Has Announced Support for AUD, GBP and EUR Via Banxa


Huobi Global, the worldwide leading digital exchange for assets, has announced its internationally compliant fiat-to-crypto Gateway solution, the Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound Sterling (GPB), and Euro (EUR), via Banxa. Users in Australia, UK, and the European Union can buy cryptocurrencies with their official fiat currencies through the partnership. By integrating payment solutions with Banxa,… Read More »