Brainshark, Inc. Announces Readiness Scorecards for Assessing and Improving Productivity of Client-facing Teams


Brainshark, Inc., a comprehensive sales readiness solutions provider, has announced the availability of Readiness Scorecards. It will allow for more data-driven decisions to be entertained by organizations in tracking the performance of their sales reps and client-facing teams. Scorecards are aimed at facilitating improvements in productivity standards and strengthening sales coaching for better results. Faster… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date May 11, 2020

Braze releases new product updates to support Brands Drive Retention

Support Brands Drive Retention

Braze that assists brands in managing data-driven decision-making and captures customer’s preferences announced a series of new product updates and partnership to coerce Retention in this age of PAUG (pay-as-you-go). With Braze products, brands can send relevant messages to their customers through comprehensive customer engagement platform power-packed with features such as real-time analytics, cohesive cross-channel… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date May 1, 2020

Top 10 B2B Email Marketing Trends in 2020 for Better Customer Engagement


The presence of 3.8 billion email users worldwide creates an excellent opportunity for B2B email marketing platforms. Email marketing has been proved to be one of the most prominent sectors to improve business and customer engagement. 61% of customers want brands to provide the information through email, and 49% of users confirm interest for promotional… Read More »