Paybby, the renowned financial technology for African-American and Latino communities, has launched a Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering

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Following the signing of its Form C with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Paybby, the leading fintech for the African-American and Latino communities, announced the introduction of a Regulation CF equity crowdfunding offering. The goal of this offering is to make Paybby available to accredited and non-accredited investment firms. Paybby is a Public Benefit… Read More »

How Behavioral Biometrics Prevents Online Banking Frauds?

Mercator Advisory Group

For businesses navigating the digital age, fraud is a huge issue. Cybercriminals exploit companies in every industry, using account takeover, social engineering, and user impersonation techniques to access customers’ bank accounts. Online payment frauds increased in the year 2017 following a downswing earlier in the decade, according to the 2018 Association of Financial Professionals payments… Read More »

How Important is Digital Banking in 2020?

HDFC Securities

The new age of digitalization is progressively making inroads, nibbling away at the old age perception, radicalizing banking. Innovations such as Wechat and Paytm are diminishing the need to visit an ATM. The laser focus is on customer habits and behaviour, contrary to the traditional banking methods solely gravitating towards their own strategic agendas.  There… Read More »

What is the Difference Between Online Banking and Digital Banking ?

The banking system has gone through quite a few changes over time; from traditional banking to online structures, with mobile and digital banking becoming the most recent trends. Given the availability and extensive applications of emerging technology, traditional formats and prerequisites have been replaced with modern facilities and seamless experiences. Limiting physical contact and opting… Read More »