Infosys Completes Acquisition of Digital Marketing Agency Oddity

Infosys Completes Acquisition of Digital Marketing Agency Oddity

Infosys recently announced that it has completed the procurement of Oddity, a digital marketing agency based in Germany. This follows the company’s official statement last month. According to an exchange filing, the purchase solidifies Infosys’ creative, branding, and experience design functionality. It shows the company’s ongoing commitment to co-create with clients and assist them in… Read More »

e4m Xaxis Programmatic Summit: Brand Omnichannel-ing is the Future

Brand Omnichannel-ing

On December 17, the e4m Xaxis Programmatic Summit, a platform that attracts industry leaders, marketing professionals, brand creators, and the entire suite of digital marketing in India and beyond, was held virtually. Considering the boom of digital marketing in the advertising, branding, and media spheres ever since the pandemic, it’s critical to retain the ecosystem’s… Read More »

Digital Marketing: Generating Business in Post Pandemic Era

Digital Marketing

People currently spend more time online than ever before, owing to the internet’s constant evolution. While business is still an important part of modern society, the way firms and customers engage has evolved dramatically in the last few decades. Companies have been compelled to adapt to a consumer base that values speed and convenience as… Read More »

1SEO Digital Agency Appoints CJ Bachmann as a New Chief Executive Officer


1SEO Digital Agency, a premier organization specializing in SEO, PPC, website design, and social media services, announced that CJ Bachmann has been designated as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, 1SEO Digital Agency.  CJ will succeed Lance Bachmann and take over all responsibilities on September 1st, 2021, as an experienced thinking leader. Lance Bachmann, the… Read More »

DesignRush Surfaces its Second Quarterly List of The Top Digital Marketing Agencies in 2021


DesignRush, a B2B marketplace that connects brands with specialist agencies, has released its second quarterly (Q2) list of the best digital marketing firms globally to assist businesses in finding a trustworthy partner and increasing online exposure, engagement, and conversions. According to a recent HubSpot survey, only 61% of marketers consider the effectiveness of their marketing… Read More »

The Differences Between Programmatic and Display Network Advertising You Never Knew About!

Display ads

The digital marketing industry is growing by the minute. Every year, the industry comes up with new technologies and methods. Such growth ultimately results in an influx of new and unique tactics and tools at the disposal of advertisers and performance marketers.  This, for the most part, is a good thing, but what happens when… Read More »

Top 7 Ways to Use Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Brand Omnichannel-ing

One of the industry’s significant innovations is Artificial Intelligence tools that streamline processes and make businesses more effective. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two separate entities that complement each other well. While artificial intelligence aims to harness certain aspects of thinking, Machine Learning helps people solve problems efficiently. According to QuanticMind, 97%… Read More »

Reconsidering the Role of AI in The New Advertising Landscape 

Advertising Landscape 

Artificial Intelligence has changed business, marketing, and perceptions of life in the most effective way. AI is growing its popularity in business and advertising, its decision-making abilities, and understanding consumer requirements. The Role of AI in the New Advertising Landscape has become essential and immensely crucial. The emergence of this new technology has changed the way of doing… Read More »

PLANOLY Launches “Sellit,” Helping Entrepreneurs And Businesses To Monetize Their Social Media Audience

Social likes

PLANOLY, a leading social marketing platform used by more than five million users, introduced sellit, an e-commerce solution to help small businesses and influencers convert social media followers into buyers without having a website. They can easily set up their social storefront to turn their Instagram account into a gallery of purchasable products.  Brandy Pham,… Read More »