The Differences Between Programmatic and Display Network Advertising You Never Knew About!

Display ads

The digital marketing industry is growing by the minute. Every year, the industry comes up with new technologies and methods. Such growth ultimately results in an influx of new and unique tactics and tools at the disposal of advertisers and performance marketers.  This, for the most part, is a good thing, but what happens when… Read More »

Top 7 Ways to Use Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

digital Marketing

One of the industry’s significant innovations is Artificial Intelligence tools that streamline processes and make businesses more effective. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two separate entities that complement each other well. While artificial intelligence aims to harness certain aspects of thinking, Machine Learning helps people solve problems efficiently. According to QuanticMind, 97%… Read More »

Reconsidering the Role of AI in The New Advertising Landscape 

Advertising Landscape 

Artificial Intelligence has changed business, marketing, and perceptions of life in the most effective way. AI is growing its popularity in business and advertising, its decision-making abilities, and understanding consumer requirements. The Role of AI in the New Advertising Landscape has become essential and immensely crucial. The emergence of this new technology has changed the way of doing… Read More »

PLANOLY Launches “Sellit,” Helping Entrepreneurs And Businesses To Monetize Their Social Media Audience

Social likes

PLANOLY, a leading social marketing platform used by more than five million users, introduced sellit, an e-commerce solution to help small businesses and influencers convert social media followers into buyers without having a website. They can easily set up their social storefront to turn their Instagram account into a gallery of purchasable products.  Brandy Pham,… Read More »

How Can Marketing Leaders Manage the Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

impact of Covid19

The spread of Coronavirus is at its highest peak and businesses worldwide are taking the brunt of it. Around the globe, businesses are closing down and companies going bankrupt due to various restrictions put-up by the Government for the safety of their citizens. With social distance and remote work becoming the new normal, it is… Read More »

SYNNEX Joins Hands with CRI to Distribute Cloud-based AI Platform for Temperature Screening

AI Platform

A leading digital marketing solutions provider, Creative Realities, Inc. (CRI) has recently announced an agreement with SYNNEX Corporation, a globally acknowledged company for business process services, to supply the CRI Thermal Mirror in the U.S. The CRI Thermal Mirror is well crafted to serve the basic need of temperature screening. The thermal screening market suddenly… Read More »

Lexus Teams up with Widewail to Increase Online Customer Support

Online Customer Support

Widewail, a tech-enabled platform for maintaining online customer engagement and reputation management, recently announced its partnership with Lexus. This association of Widewail with Lexus is to assure that every digital customer engagement experience, along with luxury OEM’s dealership, will be positive, engaging, and exceeds the symbol of the Lexus brand. Widewail’s Engage solution delivers online… Read More »

Udacity Appoints Kenny Kim as its New Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Officer

Udacity, the world-wide on-line educational platform for future careers, has announced the appointment of Kenny Kim as the new Chief Marketing Officer. With almost 20 years of marketing experience, Kim joined Google as Global Head of Growth Marketing for Google Shopping.  Udacity’s CEO Gabe Dalporto said that, Kenny is a strategic leader who has diverse… Read More »

Syncari Appoints Former Marketo Executives for CRO to Save Trillions of Bad Data Costs

Former Marketo Executives

Syncari, a modern Distributed SaaS Data (DSD) platform recently pioneered a ‘third way’ to manage enterprise data. It overcomes the weakness of previous technologies to enable businesses one pane of glass to enforce data quality throughout the enterprise, without displacing it. They have hired a new CRO and Head of Customer Success, as a response… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date May 11, 2020