Omnichannel Trends to Look for in 2021: Future of Retail


Omnichannel Retail The past year brought massive changes to customers’ shopping behavior, and meeting these increased expectations is now a necessity for retail store owners to fulfil. According to a recent study, 41% of customers have shifted to online shopping during the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic rules also restricted companies from using traditional marketing approaches.… Read More »

Boomi Launches Open Platform Initiative with Work Reimagined to Jumpstart Workforce Transformations


A Dell Technologies venture, Boomi introduced Work Reimagined, the iPaaS-leader’s dedicated initiative, on August 25, 2020, to help the world return to work today and accelerate tomorrow’s transformations. Work Reimagined solutions help organizations analyze and accelerate digital transformations in changing times. These new quick-start solutions provided by Boomi’s cloud-native open platform enable its customers to… Read More »