Top Email Marketing Statistics & Trends – The State of Email Marketing Report by eTargetMedia


eTargetMedia, a renowned provider of Email Lists, Display Advertising, Postal Lists, Data Append, and Creative Solutions, published their Top Email Marketing Stats & Trends – The State of Email Marketing Study to assist digital marketers recognize the power of email marketing. With an average ROI of 45 to 1, email marketing has steadily produced the… Read More »

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategies?

Artificial Intelligence

Email marketing is said to be a significant strategy in Digital Marketing. Email marketing campaigns have an ability that other channels don’t, they create a sense of personal touch while sharing value with the readers. So, the big question here is that, has Email Marketing evolved like other Digital Marketing strategies? The answer is yes!… Read More »

Top 10 B2B Email Marketing Trends in 2020 for Better Customer Engagement


The presence of 3.8 billion email users worldwide creates an excellent opportunity for B2B email marketing platforms. Email marketing has been proved to be one of the most prominent sectors to improve business and customer engagement. 61% of customers want brands to provide the information through email, and 49% of users confirm interest for promotional… Read More »

AI in Email Marketing: Can AI Upgrade Future Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, along with predictive analytics, are not so new from the technological prospect. But the use of it in the marketing process has reached the high, recently. The big companies take advantage of AI and ML to enhance marketing strategies and workflows. The power of AI helps a marketer personalize and predict… Read More »