HashCash Facilitates a Hong Kong-based Investment Firm with Asset Management Technology


HashCash Consultants, a blockchain consulting firm based in the United States, has announced an alliance with a Hong Kong-based brokerage firm. Within the realm of wealth and asset management, HashCash declares blockchain implementation in various practical ways. The customer can guarantee a smooth onboarding process thanks to the highly configurable blockchain technology. These distributed ledgers… Read More »

HashCash Encourages Financial Institutions to Test its Digital Asset Exchange


HashCash Consultants, an internationally renowned blockchain development firm, invites financial institutions to a trial exercise on its white label cryptocurrency exchange platform. HashCash provides a solution for organizations and businesses looking for a one-stop exchange platform and cryptocurrency liquidity. This platform encompasses all utility services that a virtual currency exchange solution may be asked to… Read More »

HashCash IoE Goals: Development of Energy Tokens on Smart Grids for Peer-to-Peer Trading


HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development firm, has announced energy tokens for P2P trading on the smart grid. HashCash’s research team has developed the architecture for a typical P2P energy trading system based on comprehensive research and survey on P2P energy trading infrastructure utilizing blockchain. Smart grids are digitally automated systems that monitor, evaluate, and… Read More »

HashCash Sets Up a Blockchain Prototype with AI to Track Energy Consumption Patterns


HashCash Consultants, an international blockchain development firm and a strong advocate of blockchain technology throughout industries, introduces a blockchain solution to some of the challenges energy sales applications encounter. HashCash proposes a blockchain architecture with AI mechanisms that can read and draw energy consumption structures in energy sales applications. Essentially, energy sales on a blockchain… Read More »

HashCash Recommends Implementation of Blockchain to Activate Digital Identity for COVID Vaccine Distribution

block chain

HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development firm, proposes activating the Digital Identity feature on blockchain to help with COVID vaccination supply chain identification and traceability. Multiple concerns of fraud, counterfeiting, and unlawful vaccine drives have appeared in numerous instances since the debut of the COVID vaccine. This work is aimed at smoothing out the system’s… Read More »

HashCash Consultants Initiated Real Estate Tokenization Project


HashCash Consultants, a blockchain technology development firm, has begun a new real estate tokenization project. The goal is to place an African real estate corporation on the blockchain, allowing an average investor to hold its fragmented, “fungible” tokens. The segmentation of a large property into fungible tokens is known as real estate tokenization. This can… Read More »

HashCash Proposes a Crypto Growth Monitor That Combines Artificial Intelligence and Analytics


HashCash Consultants is a renowned blockchain-based crypto solution provider. HashCash is well-known for contributing to the digital asset area by disseminating many unique thoughts, theories, and ideas that might be implemented to improve the decentralized sphere. A ‘Crypto Growth’ monitor application is designed to strain, sort, scan and analyze millions of news articles produced in… Read More »

HC Remit, a Cross-Border Remittance Platform, Has Been Launched by a Leading Maltese Bank

SBM Bank (India)

The most effective application of blockchain technologies has been cross-border payments. Remittances now account for more money in the developing world than foreign direct investment and official development assistance combined. For cross-border transfer, Premier Maltese Bank uses HC Remit, a HashCash product. HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development firm, woos financial institutions with a wide… Read More »

HashCash Aims to Offer a Comprehensive ICO solution to UAE-based Businesses

Given the rise in the price and popularity of cryptocurrencies, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a practical, and thus favoured, way of fund-raising. However, before the launch, business logic must be integrated into the infrastructure. This necessitates extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, will provide complete… Read More »

HashCash is working on a White-label Cryptocurrency exchange for a business headquartered in Portugal


HashCash, an international blockchain development firm, is now lending its expert knowledge in Portugal after various successful collaborations. The blockchain leader is extending their cryptocurrency knowledge to Portugal’s leading businesses, with the hope of collaborating on a white label cryptocurrency exchange and facilitating the launch of their own digital asset trading platform. HashCash intends to… Read More »