AI in Healthcare Gains Momentum with Giants DataRobot & InterSystems Partnership


With the announcement of a partnership between two leaders DataRobot, in Enterprise AI and InterSystems in information technology platforms for government, business and healthcare applications, the application of AI gets a much needed momentum. This partnership, which is an integration and reseller agreement, will streamline and ease the integration of insights and predictions from DataRobot’s… Read More »

Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date March 26, 2020

Microsoft’s Bing’s Team Launches “COVID-19 Tracker”- The Digital Observatory to Track the Pandemic

digital tracker

The launch of “COVID-19 Tracker” by Microsoft’s Bing Team comes two days after the US President Donald Trump stated that the government in collaboration with Google has started work on a COVID-19 portal for US citizens. The COVID-19 tracker aggregates the data from sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), The US centers for Disease… Read More »