BlackBerry Persona Launched Industry’s First User Behavior AI Technology for Cybersecurity


Blackberry Limited has announced BlackBerry Persona® Desktop, a part of the BlackBerry Spark® platform that synchronizes analytics-driven security to provide trust within Zero Trust environments. BlackBerry Persona Desktop surfaced as part of BlackBerry® Cyber Suite, is a latest unique offering collaborating EPP (endpoint protection), MTD (mobile threat defense), EDR (endpoint detection and response), and UEBA (user and… Read More »

Bingbon and SlowMist Join Hands to Strengthen Security Measures

Comp Security

Bingbon, a global digital asset derivative exchange platform, is collaborating with SlowMist, a blockchain security company, to strengthen the security within the blockchain and crypto industry. Both the companies have launched a security vulnerability and threat intelligence abundance program for a better security management. SlowMist is helping Bingbon to improve their security operations through security… Read More »