Unipar and Atlas Renewable Energy Have Signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Solar Energy in Brazil


Atlas Renewable Energy, a global pioneer in renewable energy, and Unipar, a South American leader in chlorine, chlorides, and PVC, announced a large-scale solar energy power purchase agreement (PPA) in Brazil. Atlas Renewable Energy’s Lar do Sol – Casablanca II photovoltaic facility in Pirapora will provide a clean solar energy supply. The Lar do Sol… Read More »

Singapore’s Road to Carbon Neutrality is Driven by Offshore Floating-PV Power


Solar energy is becoming more popular worldwide, with more countries following the UN-backed Race to Zero, which is “a global initiative to unite leadership and guidance from corporations, cities, regions, and investors for a sustainable, adaptable, zero-carbon recovery.” The battle against climate change is a collective, global initiative. Singapore, a small and resource-constrained city-state, is… Read More »

How Solar Energy will Lead to a Revolution in 2020?

Sunport Power

Sun is known to be the ultimate “green source of energy” and undoubtedly the most powerful Renewable Energy source. The solar energy market is expected to outreach $422 billion by 2022, which was a $86 billion market in 2015. The tremendous growth in its market expansion clearly hinting at the solar energy to be the… Read More »