Voice SEO and Its Impact on Marketing in 2021

Jeff S

Marketing your business can be an incredibly complex process. With so many marketing channels of which to keep track of, it can be challenging to know what to prioritize.Search engine optimization, or SEO, continues

Posted in Guest Articles By Jeff Shipman   Date September 8, 2021

Impact of IR4.0 on Energy Sector’s Performance

I Wadi

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, IR4.0, brought with it a framework for implementing advanced technologies, which triggered the commencement of many Digital Transformation projects to comply with IR4.0 guidelines.

Eligibility and Trust in a Digital World


Adam Cooper Twitter Linkedin Digital identification platforms are actively becoming critical national infrastructure: They are enabling the digital transformation of services, creating opportunities for innovation, and defending against fraud. Inclusive and trusted identification systems are also an enabler, a building block of digital economies and means of service transformation, making services easier to access, whether… Read More »

Engaged 401(k) Committees Own the Quarterly Meeting

Brian Allen

Most employer-sponsored 401(k) plans are overseen by a group of individuals (often company executives) who collectively are known as the 401(k) committee. They typically gather each quarter for the committee meeting to review

Top 5 Challenges in eCommerce Catalog Management

Vandana Singal

A digital product catalog helps eCommerce buyers make a purchase decision by listing essential product details like attributes, descriptions, availability, customer reviews etc. Excellent catalog management

Large Scale Distributed Learning for Fintech Products


Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most applicable technical paradigms in all areas of computation. Particularly in the field of financial products, deep learning has been instrumental in providing proper predictions

Posted in Guest Articles By Abhilash Majumder   Date May 18, 2021