Top 5 Challenges in eCommerce Catalog Management

Vandana Singal

A digital product catalog helps eCommerce buyers make a purchase decision by listing essential product details like attributes, descriptions, availability, customer reviews etc. Excellent catalog management

Large Scale Distributed Learning for Fintech Products


Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most applicable technical paradigms in all areas of computation. Particularly in the field of financial products, deep learning has been instrumental in providing proper predictions

Posted in Guest Articles By Abhilash Majumder   Date May 18, 2021

The Race For Digital Identity

Andrea Danielli

In the last two years, due to the pandemic, which has increased interactions for fully digital channels, digital identity has won great attention from banking and financial players. There are many initiatives, public and private, proposing to customers digital

The Future Of Tracking User Data

Anand Natrajan

Every article about digital advertising nowadays seems to either bemoan or celebrate the demise of cookies. Articles careen between opinions, finger-pointing and technology alternatives. What, in the end, will happen?

Analytics changes the World


You probably have something in common with Garry Kasparov and Lee Se-dol – you are outstanding at what you do, but a machine can do it better. Today there are few tasks where a machine cannot outperform a human with regards to time, cost, and quality. This is in itself nothing